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Concept.png 2024 European Parliament elections 
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Critical elections in 2024

The 2024 European Parliament elections took place throughout the European Union in June 2024.

On 9 June 2024, the European People's Party led by President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen won the most seats in the European Parliament. The pro-EU centrist, liberal and environmentalist parties suffered significant losses, while anti-EU right-wing populist parties made substantial gains. The right-wing European Conservatives and Reformists group overtook the centrist Renew Europe group to win the third most seats. In addition, several new or Non-Inscrits parties gained seats in the Parliament.[1]


In the previous election held on 23–26 May 2019, in terms of the political Groups in the Parliament, they resulted in the moderdate EPP Group and Socialists suffering significant losses, while the liberal/centrist (Renew), the Greens/EFA and right-wing ID making substantial gains, while The Left had a small reduction. The European People's Party, led by Manfred Weber, won the most seats in the European Parliament, but was then unable to secure support from other parties for Weber as candidate as head for the European Commission.[2]


Portugal Day, a national holiday in that country, is celebrated on 10 June and was conflicting with the election, but the EU did not move the election for them.

Qatargate was still not fully investigated. The scandal involved dozens of MPs and NGO-affiliated CEOs being bribed for or by Qatar.[3]

In January 2024, a majority of European Parliament MEPs voted for a resolution demanding the EU Council strip Hungary of its voting rights.[4]

In March 2024, a report emerged from a Czech news outlet that several conservative MPs were being bribed to spread pro Russian statements. Czech news portal Denik N reported, citing several ministers, that there are audio recordings of the German politician Petr Bystron (from AfD) that incriminate him of having accepted money and Dutch MP Marcel de Graaff and German MP Maximilian Krah were suspected of "propaganda" and faced an Belgian lawsuit.[5]


Contrary to popular assumptions, it appears that younger Europeans are getting more rightwing than previous generations, with many expecting to vote for far right parties in upcoming elections. So what exactly is motivating this shift in Gen-Z politics?

Uropean Elections 2024 Live Results From Voting Across EU Nations - Bloomberg.png

Irish MEP Clare Daly, one of the handful of politicians who spoke up against Covid[6] and the proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, and other deep state agendas[7], lost her seat.[8]


The elections were seen as in increasing shift to radicalism and "extremism", with dozens of anti-immigration parties winning outright in their country and now making up 15% of the parliament being the 3rd biggest bloc out of 8.[9]

On 9 June 2024, acting upon the Euro election result, French President Macron dissolved the National Assembly and called new parliamentary elections to be held within 3 weeks.[10]

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