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A New York Times reporter who witnessed the assassination of MLK and who never accepted the FBI's official narrative.

Earl Caldwell is a New York Times reporter who happened to be at the Lorraine Motel and witnessed the assassination of MLK. He never accepted the FBI's conclusion that the assassination was committed by "lone nut" James Earl Ray. He remarked that his presence at the motel both helped make his career and also helped mar it - because of opposition he faced due to his refusal to accept the FBI's official narrative. [1]


Caldwell testified at the 1999 civil trial of Loyd Jowers that he saw a man in the bushes below the balcony (which were cut down the following day by the Memphis Public Works department).


Caldwell's insistence that the shot did not come from the rooming house across the street put him in opposition to the official explanation, which lead to his being sidelined by some as a "conspiracy theorist". He remarked once that "As a reporter, you never wanted to be part of the story. I almost wish I wasn't there. I'd have been better off if they'd flown me down the next day.’’[1]


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