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Wow, what an interesting read Patrick Haseldine. In fact yesterday I watched George Monbiot on BBC Politics Live. On Ukraine, he put the Tory MP Bob Seely to shame on demanding arms to Ukraine. The former MEP turned crossbench peer Claire Fox was the voice of reason, pointing out that the expansion of NATO had provoked this proxy war. This was disputed by the deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats Daisy Cooper. Monbiot also disagreed, saying the west is not sending enough weapons to Ukraine, repeating similar government talking points espoused by Mr Seely. This was despite him earlier criticising Liz Truss on her environmental policies in regard to fracking, irrigation and her new proposed investment zones[1]. The military industrial complex on the other hand, that must do wonders for the environment. UKpeacelibertyfreedom (talk) 15:12, 15 October 2022 (UTC)