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An abridged version of an obituary to the late Robert Faurisson by a Catholic Bishop who has suffered expulsion from his religious order (The SSPX) and ostracism by his church authorities for raising similar questions to those raised by Dr Faurisson

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A True Hero

Thank you, Professor, for your noble life.
Rest now, rest after such ignoble strife.

On October 21 there died in France one of the few real heroes that our poor modern world could still boast of, Professor Robert Faurisson, in Vichy, France. He was a real hero because in a world of lies he stood with unfailing courage and scrupulous accuracy for truth, on a matter of decisive importance for all mankind. He was repaid with the loss of his job, with the suffering of his family, with ten personal and physical attacks one of which left him for dead, with isolation in his profession and with a relentless series of judicial attacks on the part of his bitter enemies, and yet he maintained towards them a constant courtesy and respect. This way of life he maintained for more than 40 years, never wavering in his service of the truth.

He died on the field of battle, just after returning home from giving one last public conference which was due to be his swansong, in Shepperton, England, the town of his birth nearly ninety years ago. There he spoke with a friend from Italy, who has left us this account of their conversation: “The Professor was as clear-sighted, as balanced and unbowed as ever, but he was tired, very tired, so frail as to seem almost transparent, with the feeling that his task was over. Indeed this super-brave man had achieved everything he was meant to achieve.” And the friend continues, “He leaves behind him an immense contribution to the Revisionist cause [ . . . ] Enemies filled with hate sought to stop him from writing, from living, but he always stood up again, not deflecting by a millimetre from his fearless pursuit of the truth.”

Many readers of these “Comments” know what “Revisionism” is about, and why it is of such importance to all men, including Catholics. As George Orwell said, “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their understanding of their history.” Revisionists are historians who see people all over the world being destroyed today by an untrue version of their history, especially of the Second World War, so they do what they can to restore the truth of history. For – again Orwell – “Who controls the past controls the future . . .” meaning that whoever writes the history books controls the future, by the influence that history has on people’s minds, “. . . and who controls the present controls the past,” meaning that if the political masters of the moment use their power to control the history books, then they control the future.

Now the people who hold world-wide power today over politics and the media are people who want the godless New World Order, and they fully understand George Orwell. Therefore they have fabricated a hugely false version of World War Two history to go with a complete fabricated religion to replace Christianity. Now if truth did not matter, and if Christianity did not matter, as many people today think, then they should have no problem with the New World Order taking over, but they will in fact suffer a worldwide tyranny as a result, a prelude to the Antichrist. However Solzhenitsyn, enlightened by Russia’s horrendous 72 years of suffering under godless Communism, warned against building a nation, a continent or a world on lies. Likewise Professor Faurisson had a horror of people building on lies, and he gave his life to re-establishing the truth. The persecution that he underwent for tens of years for telling the truth was the proof from his miserable enemies of the importance and efficacy of what he was doing.

Nor did he promise himself any Heavenly reward for his dedication to truth, because he professed himself to be an atheist. Yet he loved children, was glad of blessings and never repudiated them. Now, as a sister of his pointed out, after going in front of a series of unjust judges who have nearly all buckled under to the New World Order, he has gone in front of the Supreme Just Judge.

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An abridged version of an obituary to the late Robert Faurisson by a Catholic Bishop who has suffered expulsion from his religious order (The SSPX) and ostracism by his church authorities for raising similar questions to those raised by Dr Faurisson
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