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Obituary for Michael Corbin

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We still miss and question the mysterious death of our friend. He founded the syndicated radio program For A Closer Look and pioneered internet-based alternative media and investigative reporting. Coroner office said he had suffered a massive stroke after his body was discovered in his car on a Denver street. To the end, he continued to trumpet the causes of Noreen Gosch and warn us of voting machine fraud; his passing leaves a void and many questions. Michael was in the midst of several important interviews archived at and Michael gathered many loyal followers who helped create and polish his radio broadcasts week after week, and with whom he spent many hours in conversation, sharing his commitment to truth and Christian charity. He began this journey in the 1980's, during the early days of Internet, with news more authentic than that found on TV or in newspapers. He was the go-to person, the information lynch-pin for other serious investigative journalists and researchers, civilians, government and corporate whistle-blowers, noted authors, victims of government and corporate crimes, judges, politicians, private investigators and priests. Michael was one of the country's most trusted resources for many investigators, whose work led them to tread on the wealthy, powerful, and corrupt; one of the few who would dare provide an honest, incisive venue for speaking out. Michael's interviews explored the back-stories behind the cardboard, packaged news. Unlike sensationalist alternatives, or wild conspiratorial grabs made by some muckraking peers, Michael never went for the cheap shot, never catered to the vulgar, nor promoted meaningless distraction that so dominates mass media. He deftly extracted facts from interviewees and placed them under a remarkable analytical lens. By the end of the interview listeners had a memorable grasp of issues – Michael had done his magic again. Michael brought a vast wealth of his own knowledge to the subject matter, one reason why his interviews were so educational and relevant to so many. He could instantly provide context to help make sense of the forces shaping all our lives. Michael was not just a skillful interviewer, he was also a trusted, compassionate confidante for many on the front lines of harrowing exposes. Michael never betrayed a confidence, never took advantage of a witness' plight, and was privy to far more information than made it on air. He never "played" a story to further an agenda other than the truth. The thousands of interviews and recordings he made should occupy the interests of an honest Department of Justice for decades. For example, some of his earliest work exposed the chilling connections to a deviant elite at the highest levels of various US political parties, involved in gruesome activities that were passed off as "the work of UFO's". Michael believed there was likely other intelligent life, in forms we would not easily recognize, but never believed for example, the cattle mutilations in Colorado were the handiwork of fabled "green Martians". When he came to having proof of which humans did it and why, his life was threatened In a chilling "full circle", his most recent in-depth interviews of the courageous Diana Washington Valdez who wrote Harvest of Women, provide some connections with his earliest exposes.

Michael always faced security challenges. Once, his studio was fire-bombed. Despite all this he continued, quietly setting a standard for what it takes to be an investigative journalist in these dark times. He did groundbreaking work covering the 9/11 financial trails and linking those trails to powerful oil, land and military interests pursuing land grabs through eminent domain in Colorado and Utah, and the foreign ownership of proposed American toll roads intended to be built on those lands. Indeed, Michael had made some recent decisions to bring some highly visible cases to the proper venue: the American justice system. To this end he had embarked on a joint partnership between his newly formulated production company, and the Risk Investigative Agency run by Indira Singh. One of his last interviews and an initial documentary of this joint venture was the case of John Caylor, an investigative reporter originally from Enterprise Alabama.

Michael interviewed some of the most significant names in American recent history: Father Malachi Martin, Chief Justice Roy Moore, Ralph Bunch, Daniel Ellsberg, Paul and Phillip Collins, Jim Marrs, Stanton Friedman, Diana Washington Valdez, Carlo Calvi, Russ Kick, Dr. Judith Reisman, Steven Emerson, Maury Terry, Jonathan Levy, Gary Webb, William H. Kennedy, Dr. Imad Khadduri, Joel C. Rosenberg, Charles Upton, David Aikman, Rich Lowry, Noreen Gosch, Indira Singh and so many.

Michael's important body of work may be found at and at Some of the interviews are still available for purchase. His producers and partners are committed to preserving Michael's unparalleled journalistic legacy – a knowledge base of over twenty years of his interviews. No one has replaced the safe harbor Michael offered those investigating the high crimes of an evil elite. Many are now hard-pressed to find an intelligent, reputable place to publicly present their findings. Often, Michael's words of counsel to those who were exposing the unspeakable came from Father Malachi Martin: "this evil shall have its day, but it will only be one day". Michael was a profoundly spiritual man who truly believed that we should never give up. He truly lived the words of the poet Lowell: Though the cause of evil prosper, yet'tis truth alone is strong. Survivors included his parents, Bob and Donna; sister Terry Avari and brother Tim. Mass was held at Holy Family Church. Eulogies included radio host Rick Barber.