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An examination of unfolding events in Ukraine and the role of the media, informed by the philosophical approach of Linguistic determinism

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png article  by Edmund Dalpe dated 2014/04/28
Subjects: Ukraine coup 2014, Propaganda, Information warfare
Source: Linguistic Determinism (Link)

Image right: Obama and his telescope

© Edmund Dalpe, MFA. All rights reserved. Author of, Linguistic Determinism: Ars Gratia Lingua.
& moderator of Linguistic Determinism Blog Art, Language & Mind.

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An interesting and informative analysis of the Information wars that define the efforts of elites to frame the narratives and thus control populations in general and the events unfolding in Ukraine since November 2013.

Author's Note

You have to give credit to Western Media in how they are able to frame the language surrounding events in the Ukraine. For example, the term Pro-Russian is deliberately misleading and designed to frame the discourse away from reality. The Ukrainians would be happy to be Pro-Whatever country that offered assistance from a junta that is terrorizing them. We do not think clearly when we are scared and thus we do not challenge the language they set. Try it, call them freedom fighters instead of pro-Russian and listen to the torrent of gibberish that will follow. The essay presents an alternative language and theory about the movers and shakers of recent events in Ukraine as well as my process on how I made those determinations. The article maintains a sense of humor on a very dark subject.

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Ampiric Myopia

Cookies & Butterflies

Fear, the type of fear that an animal feels on the kill line in a slaughterhouse; a wrenching gut, vomiting, urination, uncontrollable bowels, paralyzes animals that do not know where the danger is coming from. That is the function of Western Media. We have to remember that the boogie-man's force multiplier is keeping his identity and whereabouts a secret. Imaginations run wild with all kinds of hallucinations. This is why employers are compelled to offer counseling to their workers in recent days.

However, if we rise above the fray, consider recent events in context to one and other; --Ukraine being the carotid artery of European gas, --a "secret" visit to the House of Saud, an American asset that was successfully used in the past to bring the USSR to its economic knees, --the upcoming energy deal between Russia and China, and last but not least --Obama's visit to China. This gives us a holistic way to understand where the danger is coming from; it is big oil and gas. Events in the Ukraine seem to be the logical conclusion of Dirty Dick Cheney's "Long War". Armies are not surrounding a banana plantation.

To me the events appear to be an extortion operation against the upcoming Russian and Chinese energy deal as well as mitigating cooperation between Europe and Russia. The Empire will not allow serious cooperation in Eurasia that can challenge them. That means both Russia and Europe as well as between Russia and China. They want to mitigate Russian success in the one area vital to their relationships, energy --ergo, the Ukrainian crisis and its provocations against Europe and the island disputes and its provocations against China.

This appears to be a move by the empire against Russia, Europe and China that are posing an existential threat to it by challenging the petrodollar. The flailing empire has chosen the Samson Option to ensure that the Russian-Chinese energy agreement and Russian-European gas deals continue to use the petrodollar. You can take the empire down, but at a heavy price.

The implication of the Ukrainian crisis, in context to Europe is, if you do not trade in petrodollars, we will have the pipelines destroyed, start a war that will eventually drag the rest of Europe against Russia and most likely another world war! This answers why Europe is keeping a low profile, in the media. Behind the curtain?

Talk about the butterfly effect! The far reaching implications of handing out a few cookies on the Maidan, staggers the mind! If we get lucky and things do not go sideways, this will go down in history as a seminal event --"Victoria's Secret" cookie recipe! After her current post, she may be able to sell cookbooks about pastries. I would buy one. I would not read it. I would just place it on the, to dark to read section of the book shelf, next to Mein Kampf.

Theory Theory

The array of US assets being pressed into the service of the empire is growing, not shrinking. Russia, Europe, and China are being pressured to capitulate. The question on everyone’s mind is will the array of assets being assembled fight for the empire? Even with a series of false flags to kick start the violence on the Maidan, the answer was no. They had to bring in the Back-Water mercenaries and fascist to get the violence started.

I do not believe Russia is acting alone against the empire. I would venture a guess that Russia, China and Europe are partners in this wonderful adventure we are all invited to. I would further speculate that China, Europe and Russia are willing to compromise with the US in some fashion. For example, Russia may capitulate if a legally binding deal is signed related to Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD). A deal that would have immediate and serious consequences if broken.

However, I ask myself, what do we really know, in a game where everyone playing is a stone cold killer and liar? The entire thing could be a staged event, by the majors to raise the price of oil and gas by 25 percent in two weeks globally; the Ukrainians being expendable. The point being is that we are not dealing with absolutes --its all theory, unless we actually see and hear it with our own eyes and ears we have to assume that what we are presented with is a lie.

Nevertheless, if my hypothesis is correct, this would explain why Europe is taking a low profile, yet, unwilling to be cooperative. It would also explain why the empire is enlisting the help of the Romanian military. I know absolutely nothing about Romanian politics, however, I do know that it is a NATO member state and embroiling it in a Ukrainian conflict could potentially drag the EU in. See, Romanian military units moving towards Ukrainian border. [1]

If I role a ball in your direction, this communicates non-verbally that I want to play. However, if I role a grenade, that is something entirely different. Destroying the pipelines and bringing in the Romanian army poses a threat to both Russia and Europe! However, for my hypothesis to be correct, the western member states of NATO would not come to the aide of the Romanians.

This could all be my imagination running wild. I could be completely wrong. It could be little green men or it could be that Putin is the reincarnation of Caligula. We all love a good conspiracy, especially those where lone nuts can be sacrificed to cleans our sins. It absolves us of our responsibilities and culpability.

More than likely, Russia, China, and the EU are bickering with the Empire for that BBD (Bigger Better Deal). They are not walking away from this empty handed nor will the empire roll over and go gently into that good night. However, as they continue bickering the Ukrainians are catching the brunt of it and if it continues we may all get a visit from the Furies.

Deconstructing Canards

A few days ago, I jumped to an erroneous conclusion about a series of events in the Ukraine, which is easy to do, because I was impatient and did not wait for confirmation from other sources. I realized this when I read an article from PressTV, written by Jim W. Dean titled, "Kiev attacks: War imminent in Ukraine". In that article, Dean asks the question, "Will Aegis challenge a Russian no-fly zone over Ukraine?" When I related that question to another article from Voice of Russia, titled, "Russian Su-24 scores off against the American USS Donald Cook," I was able to form a more cogent theory from the two articles.

The abstract of the article from the Voice of Russia reads, "Russian Sukhoi Su-24 with the newest jamming complex paralyzed in the Black Sea the most modern American combat management system 'Aegis' installed on the destroyer 'USS Donald Cook'." The incident was confirmed by USG generally, without specifics other than outrage over the event. Thus, Dean's question from the PressTV article became, does the captain of any destroyer have the authority and obligation to splash any aircraft screaming at it for an hour and a half?

This has never happened in the history between the two nations. Yes, their navy's have traded paint many times in the past, but, attack runs for an hour and a half? Not to my knowledge. Anybody? This does not seem like Russia engaging in some sort of cold war machismo. It appears to be more of a clear and unmistakable message. My initial mistake was to assume the story to be propaganda. It is propaganda, but, it may also be true.

If the assertion is true, a Russian ability to paralyze Aegis is a game changer. Moreover, Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Shoygu, stated that, "The Russian Air Force has received new upgraded versions of aircraft for the exercises." Thus, the answer to Dean's question, if Aegis can block a Russian no-fly zone over the Ukraine, would be not likely.

However, the articles and the events surrounding this incident can not be accepted as absolute truth. Theories we form are just that, theories. Regardless, it does speak to Russian intentions. It also answers why the captain of a floating computer was powerless to halt an assault. It answers why US/NATO appeared to be tripping over themselves. This wild card would have rendered their battle plans moot by the Russian counter measure. It explains why the US diplomats have become unhinged. It explains the torrent of threats. It explains everything.

However, what it does not explain is why the US is still rattling its saber, continuing to facilitate violence through its proxies, enlisting more assets, and why it is not standing down. The US military is in no shape to fight the force that Russia is assembling from its western and southern strategic directions as well as its Air Force.

In context to everything previously mentioned; Russian countermeasures to Aegis, US on the verge of hyperinflation, an over extended and weary US military, the US still has the ability to accomplish its mission via its proxies. Thus, Kiev will continue to engage in small scale terror operations in the eastern Ukraine. This tactic of a low intensity conflict places Russia in a dilemma. Because only overt military operations against civilians would justify Russia's right by international law to restore the peace. This tactic will eventually succeed in taking complete control over the undefended eastern part of Ukraine. However, there may come a point when Russia will be forced to change the rules of the game. A few Russian Needles (MANPADS) and Kornets (ATGM) would make Kiev's life interesting.

The Quadruple Agent

We are pawns in an information war that is raging. The level of disinformation in the West is staggering. Orwellian does not come close to covering the level of mendacity. Even watching the alternative news I am flabbergasted as why the 2009 Noble Laureate, I got two words for you, Obama, was presented as a peace broker in the Middle East. That lead me to another outrage announcing that Yulia, I like'ta nuke them dam Russkies, Tymoshenko, is among this year's nominees for the same award! [2]

How does one develop a nose that can smell when we have stepped in it? Developing a discerning nose requires a devious mind. Generally, if news comes to you uninvited, like a sales call, or it requires no work on your part, it is disinformation. Disinformation comes in many varieties; half truths called the poison pill, repetition of lies, distractions, and misdirects, which is really a distraction with the additional tumble down the rabbit hole. This is also known as the red-herring or snipe-hunt. Nevertheless, what is most important is knowing how to discover what dovetails toward being truthful, knowing that absolute truth is a fairy tale, it does not exist, a certain level of pragmatism is attached to the process.

Accusations are the most transparent of all disinfo methods. If you go near a social myth, you will instantly be accused of all manner of unpleasantness. Why, because myths have nothing to do with reality they are belief systems. Thus, defenders of the faith engage in the lowest form of propaganda; accusations, name calling, threats, that kind of thing. The function of a myth, like 9-11, is to mobilize a people for a specific purpose, nothing more.

As a rule, if a US diplomat, like John Kerry, is making accusations or scaring people, you have found a disinformation agent. Why? Because that type of behavior runs counter to the function of the post. Diplomats are supposed to be "diplomatic". They are suppose to be cool under fire and can always find the good in any situation. Their function is to find solutions other than punitive sanctions, making sordid threats, or holding the world hostage to thermonuclear war as a means to get their way. Lavrov, for example, is cool as a cucumber with the manners of a monk and a master of compromise.

In the question of how does one know if information is valuable can only be answered from relating various ideas from a variety of sources. And by a variety of sources, I do not mean using CNN and FOX. You need to get more diversified. Triangulate your sources. Do not let any one dictate what is important to you. Approach the subject in an objective manner as if you were an alien observing from afar. Ground yourself and find your center, never draw conclusions too hastily. Use your head, forget your heart!

When a person is sharing information, in whatever manner; command, statement, question, or an announcement, my first question is who are they and why are they sharing this information at this particular time and place? What is the function of the information? Who benefits? With regard to the first question of who are they, I look them up. Who is paying their bills? What have they accomplished? Where are they from? Were they born with a silver spoon in their mouth? Who are they associated with? What do they look like, etc... ? Generally, answering those questions will give you a good starting point to answer the others.

For example, in June 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin declined to comment on the Edward Snowden issue. You remember Snowden, the man without a country? However, Putin did make a cynical comment, that the Snowden issue was like, "shearing a pig." He was telling us about the nature of who and what Sonwden is. He was speaking in metaphorical terms.

Amid the Ukrainian crisis, in the question and answer session of the "State of the Russian Federation Address", Snowden was allowed to ask Putin if Russia spies on its citizens. As cordial as Snowden was, his question raised the possibility. Nevertheless, Putin's response was in the negative. However, what is more interesting is that on the 26th of April, Putin, gave his full response to Snowden's question in the form of a public service announcement. Putin warned Russians against Google searches. He informed them that everything they type is recorded on servers in the US. Putin also disclosed that Google was a CIA project from its inception and is ongoing. This disclosure, is not a foot-sweep, this is a shoulder throw (Ippon Seio Nage).

Putin was revealing that Snowden's original leak about the NSA was a misdirection, away from the CIA's secret mining project (Google). Snowden's original leak revealed only that Google was hacked by the evil NSA, "Google was OUTRAGED that the NSA hacked them!" Snowden was protecting the CIA's pet project (Google).

This new public service announcement by Putin tells us that Snowden is not a whistle blower from the NSA, Putin is telling us that Snowden is CIA, not NSA. He is a pig, an "Intelligent" animal that wallows in the filth, which is a perfect definition of a CIA agent. Putin was telling us that Snowden was trained as a triple agent. A CIA agent that was undercover as a NSA agent, that turned whistle blower to misdirect the good will of the American people down the flusher. He then fled from a fictitious enemy in a media circus only to find sanctuary from someone that called him a pig and then awarded him the honor of rector of Glasgow University.

Without a doubt the writing process, as another tool, is invaluable in making sense of the matrix of subterfuge and rapid changes that are designed to confound us. It is called being shotgunned, overwhelmed. Writing has given me a way to find threads and discard the chaff. We do not know who Snowden is. We can never know who he is. He may not know himself. He changes his identity as often as I change my underwear. Moreover, he has no credibility in his former MO, those bridges are burned. So why the great honor of Rector of Glasgow? More than likely, this has the CIA worried. Is Snowden now working for Russian Intelligence? Was he turned? Did Snowden have access to Aegis intel?