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US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) seal.png
Abbreviation DIA
Motto Committed to Excellence in Defense of the Nation
Formation 1 October 1961
Type intelligence agency
Headquarters The Pentagon
Leader Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency
Vincent R. Stewart.jpg
Incumbent: Vincent R. Stewart
Since January 2015
Subgroups • Military Intelligence Board
• J2 Directorate for Intelligence
• Directorate For Analysis
• Directorate For Operations
• Directorate For Science and Technology
• Defense Combating Terrorism Center
• DIA Americas Center
• DIA Asia/Pacific Center
• DIA Europe/Eurasia Center
• DIA Middle East/Africa Center
• Defense Clandestine Service
• Defense Attaché System
• Missile and Space Intelligence Center
• National Center for Medical Intelligence
• National Media Exploitation Center
• Joint Intelligence Operations Center Europe Analytic Center
• Joint Intelligence Center
• National Intelligence University
• Joint Functional Component Command for Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Budget unknown
Staff Classified

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is an intelligence agency of the US Department of Defense, based at The Pentagon.



Former Personnel


A Document by Defense Intelligence Agency

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
File:DIA-287.pdfreport12 August 2012Islamic State
A declassified DIA document which clearly demonstrates that the rise of ISIS in the Middle East was planned and facilitated by the US Government - as later admitted by DIA director Michael T. Flynn.


  1. Directors of DIA, Defense Intelligence Agency, accessed 23 April 2008.
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