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Group.png Comverse  
Founder • Kobi Alexander
• Boaz Misholi
• Yechiam Yemini
Type commercial
Headquarters Woodbury, Nassau County, New York, United States
Subgroups • Odigo
• Verint Systems
Staff 4,500
Slogan Enabling Network Software

Comverse is a tech company, which while headquartered in the US, does most of its research and development in Israel. Founders include Kobi Alexander who reportedly made over $100 million in one year (2000) by exercising stock options.


With the backing of the Israeli government, Comverse offered both services for phone providers and surveillance tools for government and law enforcement agencies to record conversations.[1]

On the day of 9/11, Comverse owned Odigo.

When the 7/7 bombings occurred, Comverse owned Verint Systems which claimed that none of the London Underground CCTV cameras were working on that day.


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