Chester A. Nagle

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Person.png Chester A. NagleRdf-icon.png
(spook, lawyer, soldier, author)
Born New York
Alma mater Georgetown University, US Naval Academy
Member of Le Cercle, Task Force Alpha

Chester "Chet" Nagle' was a member of Task Group Alpha. He was reportedly an associate of Ted Shackley.[1]


Nagle graduated from the Georgetown University Law Center with the degree of Juris Doctor.


Nagle was a naval aviator on an aircraft carrier in Task Group Alpha, the Navy's premier anti-submarine warfare unit. After that he was the research and development project officer at the Naval Oceanographic Office for a large classified ocean analysis system (ASWEPS). Development of that system involved ships, planes, and contracts for the manufacture of deep-ocean buoys and advanced electronics. He left the military and joined Maxon Electronics as an engineer for sales of equipment and research projects.[2]

He worked for the CIA and was an employee of Timothy Landon. He was active in Oman, for which he was awarded the Sultanate's highest civilian honor, the Order of Oman.

Mr. Nagle's had an administrative assistant named Leslie Roper.[1]

He was President of Intel Research Corp.[citation needed] He founded the Journal of Defense & Diplomacy.

He attended Le Cercle in 1989.[1]

Later activities

In 2014, he published two works of fiction, Lazarus Man and Iran Covenant, both of which were well received by reviewers on Amazon.