Anthony Cavendish

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Person.png Anthony Cavendish  Rdf-icon.png
(spook, banker, journalist)
Anthony Cavendish.jpg
Born 20 July, 1927
London, UK
Died 12 January, 2013 (Age 85)
Member of Le Cercle
"Leading member" of Le Cercle.

Anthony Cavendish was a "former senior MI5 man" and "an old Cercle hand".[1]


Cavendish was born in London, but raised in Switzerland and grew up speaking English, German, Swiss-German and French.[2]

World War II

He volunteered for the British Army in 1944 and served in Secret Intelligence Middle East (SIME) where he struck up a lifelong friendship with Maurice Oldfield, a future Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service.[2][3]


Following his demobilisation in 1948, he was recruited as the MI6's youngest officer, aged 21, and worked in R5, the counterespionage section.[4]

In May 1989 Cavendish made an extended appearance on the Channel 4 discussion programme After Dark, alongside Tony Benn, Lord Dacre, James Rusbridger, Miles Copeland and others.

Deep political connections

Anthony Cavendish was a senior figure in Le Cercle. His Telegraph obituary cited his as "a leading figure, with Julian Amery, MP, in running Le Cercle, a very private discussion group". It is unknown whether he was European chairman of the group.[5]


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