The Mafia CIA and George Bush

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Publication.png The Mafia CIA and George Bush
(Expose of George H. W. Bush)Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
The Mafia CIA and George Bush.jpg
Publication date1992
Author(s)Pete Brewton
SubjectsThe Mafia,  CIA,  GHWB,  Savings and Loan Fraud,  USDS
An early expose (1992) of George H. W. Bush

The Mafia, CIA and George Bush is an expose of George H. W. Bush‎.


The book is based on Brewton's investigations of Texas businessmen, politicians, and their connections to the 1980s Savings and loan fraud.[1][2] The book grew out of an 8-part investigative reporting series that ran in the Houston Post, a series that the Seattle Times columnist John Hinterberger described as "a bombshell series backed up by eight months of investigation."[3] The series won the Galvaston Press Club award for best investigative series.[4] In 1991 PEN awarded the Journalism prize to Brewton, "Awarded for his series on the Savings & Loan scandal," in the Houston Post.[5]

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