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"Let's kick the Tories out of Parliament"

Natasha Osben is the Labour Party candidate for Clacton in the UK/2017 General Election.[1]

Douglas Carswell, having withdrawn from the contest,[2] left her with two main opponents: Tory Giles Watling and UKIP's Jeff Bray.[3]

Message to Clacton CLP

On 2 May 2017, Natasha Osben addressed the members of Clacton CLP:

"Hi all,
"I am delighted to let you know that I have been selected as our parliamentary candidate.
"I have written the following statement for the papers and I promise each and every one of you that I will work tirelessly on my election campaign over the coming month. Those of you who I do not know well, I really look forward to getting to know better as I represent you as your parliamentary candidate for Clacton and as we work together to get a Labour government back in parliament, and those of you I know well, I look forward to working even more closely with over the next few weeks.
“The Clacton constituency is my home; I grew up in St Osyth and now I live in Weeley and have three children who all go to school in the area. I am very proud to represent Labour in this general election.
"I have watched with shock and dismay as the cuts brought in by this Conservative government have had a direct and catastrophic impact on our local health and social care services and our emergency services, which are now drastically underfunded and understaffed. These cuts are unsafe and place our residents at risk. Today Labour pledged to put 10,000 more police officers on the streets, which will be funded by a reversal of the capital gains tax. I am proud to stand for a party, which is serious about putting public services first and reversing the damaging budget cuts that have been overseen in recent years by our Tory-led council and Conservative government.
"Conservative budget cuts are also having a direct impact on our schools, and this is not sustainable. Our children deserve a quality education that will ensure good access to opportunities and prospects for their futures. I am proud to be standing as Labour’s parliamentary candidate so that I can make this pledge to you: If I am elected as your MP for Clacton, as part of a Labour government, I will ensure that our schools are properly funded and that no children are left behind. Currently our children are having their futures stolen by a government who have cut the funding needed to ensure that schools meet our expectations for standards and are adequately staffed so that students can fulfil their potential. Labour must, and will, put a stop to this shameful policy of taking from the next generation to fix the current problems with our economy brought about by increasing privatisation and cuts that this Conservative government have brought in that has seen our National Debt more than triple to levels that far exceed any amount of borrowing or debt that this country has ever seen under any Labour Government.
"The Conservatives promised to fix our economy, to protect our NHS and to look after hard working members of society. They have failed on all fronts, having tripled national debt, brought our NHS to its knees and forced hundreds of thousands of working families into poverty, and millions of people to the food banks. This is a shameful mark on our recent history. Now we have an opportunity to hold the Tory government to account for this failure and call them out on their lies and broken promises. I therefore urge you to vote for me to be your MP in June, and cast your vote for the benefit of all, not just for the privileged few.
"I have been inspired by the unity and hard work I have seen from our members over the campaign for the County Council Elections this Thursday. Now let's continue to work together in an endeavour we can all really get behind; to kick the Tories out of Parliament!
"All the very best, Tasha."


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