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(lawyer, businessman)
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Born20 April 1960
Founder ofConservative Friends of the Middle East and North Africa

Former barrister and solicitor Mohamed Amersi is a British businessman who founded and chairs the Inclusive Ventures Group. He is chairman of QML Group.

On 3 October 2021, Mohamed Amersi was revealed in the Pandora Papers to have been involved in a controversial $220m payment to a secretive offshore company in 2010, described as "one of the biggest corruption scandals that we have seen in Sweden in modern times."[1]

Pandora Papers

According to The Guardian:

A major Conservative party donor who funded Boris Johnson’s campaign to become prime minister advised on the structure of a deal that was later found to be a $220m (£162m) bribe for the daughter of the then president of Uzbekistan.

Documents show how Mohamed Amersi advised a Swedish multinational telecoms company on a complex transaction that it later accepted was a “corrupt payment” to the powerful first daughter of Uzbekistan’s authoritarian ruler, Islam Karimov.

Responding to the allegations, Amersi’s lawyers said any suggestion he “knowingly” facilitated corrupt payments was false and that the underlying arrangements for the deal had been put in place two years before. They added that Amersi had relied on the fact that others had done due diligence on the arrangement, that he had “no reason” to believe it might be a bribe, and that he had only worked on the project for six weeks.

A joint investigation by The Guardian and BBC Panorama, however, raises wider questions about the work Amersi did for the telecoms firm, Telia, over a six-year period as it sought to secure lucrative business across the central Asia region.

An international dealmaker in the telecoms industry, Mohamed Amersi was paid about $65m for his work over that period – funds which, the Pandora Papers suggest, contributed to a significant fortune, spent in part on luxury properties in the UK.[2]

Political activity

Mohamed Amersi is a Conservative Party donor. He donated £10,000 each to Boris Johnson and Michael Gove during the 2019 Conservative Party leadership election.[3]

According to Tom Burgis of the Financial Times:

Mohamed Amersi is a longstanding client of Quintessentially, the “concierge” service that co-Chairman of the Conservative Party Ben Elliot co-owns. After Amersi became a top-tier Quintessentially client, Ben Elliot arranged for him to travel to a royal retreat in Scotland to dine with the heir to the throne Prince Charles, whose wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, is Elliot’s aunt. Ben Elliot solicited Tory donations from Amersi and his Russian partner Nadezhda Rodicheva even before he was party co-chair, Amersi said. The couple have given £750,000 since 2017. Amersi belongs to the Leaders Group of donors who meet over lunch monthly with ministers.[4]


Mohamed Amersi is the sole named shareholder[5] of a group called the Conservative Friends of the Middle East and North Africa (COMENA).[6] A decision on whether the Conservative Party gives COMENA full affiliation is expected in September 2021.[7]


Also a philanthropist, Mohamed Amersi is founder and chairman of the Amersi Foundation, which has made contributions across a range of issues, including multi-faith and youth programmes to the arts and heritage, education, anti-slavery, climate change, technology and poverty reduction. He also holds a number of chairmanship and advisory roles in the charity sector.[8]


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