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(Lawyer, Author, Journalist)
John Whitehead.jpg
Tennessee, USA
Founder ofRutherford Institute
Member ofActivist Post, American Herald Tribune, NewsBud
InterestsAmerican fascism

Not to be confused with Bilderberg Steering committee member, John C. Whitehead.

John W. Whitehead is a US journalist.


He founded the Rutherford Institute in 1982.[1]


Documents by John W. Whitehead

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
File:John Lennon at 80-One Man Against The Deep State Monster-John W. Whitehead.pdfarticleJohn Lennon
John Lennon/Assassination
John Lennon, born 80 years ago on October 9, 1940, was a musical genius and pop cultural icon. He was also a vocal peace protester and anti-war activist, and a high-profile example of the lengths to which the Deep State will go to persecute those who dare to challenge its authority.
File:John W Whitehead-Carol Rutz-A Nation Betrayed-Secret Cold War Experiments.pdfinterview18 May 2005Project MKUltra
Ritual abuse


Quotes by John W. Whitehead

Hypocricy“At the same time that the US is equipping nearly half the world with deadly weapons, profiting to the tune of $36.2 billion, its leaders have also been lecturing American citizens on the dangers of gun violence and working to enact measures that would make it more difficult for Americans to acquire certain weapons.”12 August 2019
SWAT“Since the formation of the DHS post-9/11, hundreds of billions of dollars in grants have flowed to local police departments for SWAT teams, giving rise to a “police industrial complex” that routinely devastates communities, terrorizes families, and destroys innocent lives.”August 2020Zero Hedge
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