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|children=Theresa Jordis
|birth_date=29 July 1920
|birth_date=29 July 1920
|birth_place=Vienna, Austria
|birth_place=Vienna, Austria
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|constitutes=economist, politician
|constitutes=economist, politician
'''Hans Igler''' is/was an Austrian [[economist]] and [[politician]].
'''Hans Igler''' was an Austrian [[economist]] and [[politician]] who was on the [[Bilderberg Steering committee]].
==Deep state connections==
==Deep state connections==
He was a member of the [[Bilderberg Steering committee]].
On 4 October 1973, the [[Bilderberg Steering committee]] decided to invite Hans Igler to join.
[[image:1973 Bilderberg Steering committee minutes p2.jpg|left|333px]]

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Person.png Hans Igler  Rdf-icon.png
(economist, politician)
Born29 July 1920
Vienna, Austria
Died5 May 2010 (Age 89)
Vienna, Austria
ChildrenTheresa Jordis
Member ofBilderberg/Steering committee

Hans Igler was an Austrian economist and politician who was on the Bilderberg Steering committee.

Deep state connections

On 4 October 1973, the Bilderberg Steering committee decided to invite Hans Igler to join.

1973 Bilderberg Steering committee minutes p2.jpg

29 July 1920|5 May 2010| 

Events Participated in

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Golden Dolphin Hotel
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