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II--member Simon Bracey–Lane tells of his large role in developing cells ('clusters') in several countries, including USA. Lithuania, Greece. and Western Balkans (this is the guy who infiltrated the Bernie Sanders campaign)

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png report  by Simon Bracey-Lane dated 26 December 2018
Example of: Integrity Initiative/Leak/4
Source: Anonymous (Link)

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Simon Bracey – Lane Role Trajectory and Targets

Simon Bracey-Lane

Step 1: finish my bloody MA.

Step 2: get a hair cut.

  • Personal area of expertise:

o Understanding of American politics, from President to Local Party.

o Shaping public opinion and movement building.

o Network development.

o Political instincts.

Where you fit within the team, What you personally, as an element within the team, and also the team as a whole, will seek to achieve, i.e. outcomes, impact, effect? How this might be measured? What activities you would engage in to accomplish this, i.e. outputs, events, reports, tweets, meetings etc.

o Communications:

  • Current:
  • <1000 web sign ups.
  • Entirely connected to political world, either domestically or internationally.
  • Between clusters.
  • Between II and press.
  • Between II and wider outreach.
  • Campaigning Website development.
  • Archival Website development.
  • Near-Future:
  • 06/2018 = 1,000
  • 08/2018 = 1,500
  • 10/2018 = 2,000
  • Include sign – up feature in other major circulations, and vice versa.
  • Full integrate a campaign software into use.
  • Press/MP/HMG briefing.
  • Far-Future:
  • 12/2018 = 4,000
  • 02/2019 = 8,000
  • 05/2019 = 10,000
  • Creation of Pdf downloadable report that details all work produced by the II.
  • MP Briefing package on legacy of interference and predicted direction.
  • Allow sign ups to elect what material they receive by topic.
  • Donation function.

o Event & Trip logistics:

  • Previous:
  • Near-Future:
  • 2BS Event in Montenegro. (21st –23rd May)
  • Cluster meeting in Serbia. (TBD Mid June)
  • Cluster meeting in Greece. (TBD Mid June)
  • Far-Future:

o Large role in developing Cluster networks in:

  • USA:
  • Current goals:

o Meeting with MN Sec. State to discuss II.

o Meeting with UofM Academics.

o Meeting with Col. MN National Guard.

  • Near-Future goals:

o Paper on electoral security ahead of Nov. Mid terms, including suggestions and recommendations.

  • Far-Future goals:

o Assemble meeting of Sec. States/Governors/local legislative officials we can muster to discuss threats to States faced by malign interference.

o Forge relationships with local legislative staff, to advise and update them on ever changing face of interference.

  • Lithuania:
  • Current:

o Handling development of content.

o Website upload & distribution.

  • Near Future:

o Develop trends, larger studies, instead of individual articles.

o Bring authors to London to host discussions.

  • Greece:
  • Current:

o Country review, with suggestions and recommendations.

  • Near Future:

o Interactive list of Russian influencers.

o Connections between influence and Orthodoxy

  • W.Balkans:
  • Current:

o Republic of Skrpsa focused paper.

o Support civil society strengthening initiatives in BiH/Serbia/MT

o Commission country review from newly formed MT Institute.

  • Your understanding of what is needed to map, understand, expose and teach, prevent and counter Russian malign influence and disinformation:

o To strengthen our relationship with the general public. To foster societal response, resisting interference on its own, and help projects such as ours identify attempts to undermine us.

o USA:

  • Public engagement campaigns in the US, outside of DC, post Nov. Mid terms.
  • Engagement with local legislative officials on this topic.
  • What might prevent us from achieving our aims?:

o Similarities in other projects.

o Rigidity.

o Lack of clear messaging, are we IFS or are we II.

  • How might we cope with these?:

o Retain our uniqueness.

o Ensure flexibility.

o Clear messaging.