2021 North Shropshire by-election

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Event.png 2021 North Shropshire by-election (election) Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
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Lib Dems were bookies' favourite to win[1]
Date16 December 2021
DescriptionBy-election in Shropshire.

A by-election in North Shropshire took place on 16 December 2021 following the announcement of Owen Paterson's resignation on 4 November 2021.[2]

Paterson was appointed as Crown Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead on 5 November 2021, the process by which an MP's resignation is effected.[3]

The writ of election was moved by Conservative Chief Whip Mark Spencer on 9 November 2021 for the by-election to take place on 16 December 2021.[4]

The 2021 North Shropshire by-election was won by Helen Morgan for the Liberal Democrats in a major upset with a 34% swing.[5]


Celebrating Helen Morgan's stunning victory[6]

Fourteen candidates were standing at the 2021 North Shropshire by-election and received votes, as follows:

  • Independent>>Suzie Akers-Smith 95 (0.2%)
  • UKIP>>Andrea Allen 378 (1.0%)
  • Rejoin EU>>Boris Been Bunged 58 (0.2%)
  • Reclaim Party>>Martin Daubney 375 (1.0%)
  • Party Party>>Russell Dean 19 (0.1%)
  • Heritage>>James Elliot 79 (0.2)
  • Monster Raving Loony>>Alan "Howling Laud" Hope 118 (0.3%)
  • Freedom Alliance>>Earl Jesse 57 (0.1%)
  • No description>>Yolande Kenward 3 (0.0%)
  • Green>>Duncan Kerr 1,738 (4.6%)
  • Liberal Democrats>>Helen Morgan 17,957 (47.2%)
  • Conservative Party>>Neil Shastri-Hurst 12,032 (31.6%)
  • Reform UK>>Kirsty Walmsley 1,427 (3.8%)
  • Labour Party>>Ben Wood 3,686 (9.7%)
  • Majority 5,925 (15.6%)
  • Turnout 38,022 (46.3%)

Labour schism

Graeme Currie, the socialist Labour candidate who stood in the seat in the 2019 general election, was blocked from the party's shortlist of candidates and resigned from the party in response.[7]

CONservative parachute

Tory candidate has been ‘told not to speak to media because he knows little about area’. He is a parachute candidate from Birmingham. [8]

Message to the voters

On 7 December 2021, journalist and broadcaster Robin Lustig tweeted:

This is a message to the voters of #NorthShropshire: Thursday of next week will be your chance to speak for the nation. Tell @BorisJohnson what you think of his record. We’re relying on you.[9]

Tweets in response

  • Matthew Green tweeted: And they can send Johnson that message by voting for local @LibDems Helen Morgan who is the only person who can beat Johnson’s candidate from Birmingham.[10]
  • Petesaardvark tweeted: If Conservatives can’t vote for someone else in #NorthShropshire they can abstain. It should send a message that we all want a decent and honest government.[11]
  • Cllr Elisabeth Roberts tweeted: Ben Wood, Labour’s local candidate, is getting a huge positive response & the only opposition to the conservatives! After hearing about them partying whilst the rest of us kept away from loved ones, to protect them last Christmas, I hope no one votes for them!![12]
  • Mike Read tweeted: Even Labour's candidate in North Shropshire for the last 3 General Elections (Graeme Currie) is not backing Ben Wood![13]
  • AJL tweeted: People of #NorthShropshire earn far too much money and own a Tesla! They will never vote anything except Tories...[14]



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