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(lawyer, spook)
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Terry Lenzner testifies before the Senate committee investigating campaign financing in 1997.
Born10 August 1939
Died23 April 2020 (Age 80)
Cause of death
pneumonia, leukemia
Alma materPhillips Exeter Academy, Harvard Law School
Founder ofInvestigative Group International
Member ofUS/Senate/Watergate Committee
Assistant counsel (and chief investigator) on the United States Senate Watergate Committee.

Terry Falk Lenzner was an assistant counsel (and chief investigator)[1] on the United States Senate Watergate Committee. The Los Angeles Times once called him “one of the most powerful and dreaded private investigators in the world.”


Asked whether he was working for the CIA, Lenzner said “I think the only work I’ve ever done with the CIA was, I represented two or three former CIA employees during the Church Senate hearings (in 1975), including the former head of the Technical Services Division, Sidney Gottlieb. And, indeed, I sued the Senate committee to keep his name out of the assassination report on the grounds that it might endanger his life and his family’s life.”[2]

In 1984, Terry Lenzner set up Investigative Group International‎.

Dodi Al Fayed hired Lenzner to investigate the Oswald LeWinter's claims that the British government was involved in the Death of Diana.[3] Lenzner stated that the "evidence we collected supported the conclusion that Oswald LeWinter was not a credible source."[3]

Taken hostage

Lenzner was "held hostage by Geraldo Rivera, then a radical young lawyer, but Don Rumsfeld came to the rescue."[4]


The Investigator Fifty Years of Uncovering the Truth.png

In 2013, Lenzner published The Investigator: Fifty Years of Uncovering the Truth.