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I've removed the following content as it has no sources~and no "cn", although it looked good.

"===Sachsensumpf=== From summer 2007, Roth wrote about the Sachsensumpf (allegations of membership in mafia structures among high-ranking politicians, lawyers, police officers and journalists). Roth was severely criticized by the journalist Reiner Burger, who described the Sachsensumpf as a legend, in a series of articles in the FAZ. Burger also justified the criticism with past lost court cases; according to Burger, Roth was sentenced to damages by the Hamburg District Court in 2000 for his book: Die graue Eminenz (The gray eminence) published in 1999 and for a television report in 1999. Among other things, Burger accused Roth of failing to speak directly to the people concerned. In this context, Roth had to retract statements on his homepage about a Leipzig entrepreneur. The witness to whom Roth had referred had told an untruth and was sentenced to a fine of 4,200 euros by the Dresden district court in spring 2008.

Roth defended himself by saying that he had only questioned the person directly in one case for a blog entry and criticized Burger's attacks as "Kafkaesque" because, among other things, Burger ignored the fact that important witnesses in the "Sachsensumpf" were put under pressure. The investigative committee of the Saxon state parliament did not come to a clear conclusion about the "Sachsensumpf" in 2009. The CDU and FDP consider it to be disproved, while the Greens and Left Party claim to have found no evidence, as the committee of inquiry was largely denied access to files by the state government. The public prosecutor's office did not investigate further." Jun, Administrator. (talk) 14:33, 17 March 2024 (UTC)

I will get to it. -- Sunvalley (talk) 15:41, 18 March 2024 (UTC)