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Article state

When this develops, a few things would need to have a at least place in the article as part of this entire page to a different article or just small points.

1. Investigating the footage of the alleged activists handling protesters such as

2. What are all these reports of bricks being placed on the street?

3. Tear gassing is chemical warfare according to the chemical Weapons Convention of 1993. Shooting and arresting journalists too it seems.

4. Why did Wikipedia remove BLM from the pages of organizations receiving donations from Soros yesterday? Even protected the removal it only for an admin to reverse it..

6. Dozens of deaths of with some the result of questionable police action. This video could be a good addition if non-lethal footage is (still(?)) not allowed here:

5. What are the long term legislative effects of these protests? Celebrities bailing out looters, black people seeing other people loot and forbidding it. Why is there discourse here? Research footage on twitter and other social media if some of these people are in fact just pro(sponsored)-activists" we've seen in earlier places, and the COVID-19-link and ironic situations that have occurred.

I'm European so we would need an American to set-up this page or include this page into another page on the site or help us search the right sources, I think. Jun (talk) 06:03, 3 June 2020 (UTC)

General thoughts

The commercially-controlled media (and Gardenploters) seem to provoke escalation of the riots. There is a parallel to false flags -- relatively minor and short lasting riots (days or weeks) serve to justify (provoke, enable) long lasting disproportional totalitarian outcomes. Urban (talk) 08:28, 3 June 2020 (UTC)