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Secondary sources report by use of primary sources.

A secondary source of information is commentary on a primary source, i.e. not a direct source of information.

Importance on Wikispooks

Secondary sources are valuable as references on Wikispooks, but priority is given to primary sources, i.e. original documents, recordings and first hand testimony of direct eyewitnesses.

Usage on Wikipedia

Wikipedia has an explicit policy to "rely on material from reliable secondary sources."[1] This is a key part of its censorship procedure:

  1. Unwanted truth that emerges through primary sources need not be addressed, due to lack of secondary sources.
  2. Truths which are expressed in secondary sources can be used as evidence to dismiss them as "unreliable".

An illustrative example

The 7th Floor Group was a deep state milieu exposed in 2016 when Wikileaks published a redacted FBI document which termed it a "shadow government".[2] After a user created a page for the group, and athough the authenticity of the primary source document was never called in question, a "lack of reliable secondary sources" was cited as reason to remove the page from Wikipedia.[3] i.e. Because the commercially-controlled media chose not to report it, the notability rule was used to censor Wikipedia. This rule effectively allows Operation Mockingbird, the CIA's decades long project to control newspapers and television to also decide what should and shouldn't be published on Wikipedia.