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Born1973 or 1974
Perpetrator of2001 Mexican legislative assembly attack
A perpetrator of the 2001 Mexican legislative assembly attack. Released without charge after "the Israeli Embassy used heavy handed measures".

Saar Noam Ben Zvi (or Saur Ben Zvi[1] or Sar Ben Zui[2]) was involved in the 2001 Mexican legislative assembly attack. He was arrested along with Salvador Guersson Smeck but released without charge.[3] Ernesto Cienfuegos reported that he was a 27 year old illegal immigrant at the time of the attack.[4]


After his arrest he was taken to the San Lázaro Security Directorate.[5] Voz de Aztlan wrote that "Initial reports by the Procuraduría General de la República (PGR) were that both Israelis worked for a private security agency and that they both had gun permits. It turned out that there is no connection of either suspect to any private security agency."[6]


Zvi was released "on about $4,000 bail and the case turned over to the Mexican immigration authorities."[7]


An event carried out

2001 Mexican legislative assembly attackMexico
Mexican Legislative Assembly
Mexico City
Two Israelis caught with false passports grenades, explosives and guns in the Mexican parliament a month after 9-11. Later released without charge. Western corporate media aware but uninterested.


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