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Document:Amplifying Outrage over Children Overboardpaper2006Andrew HerdChildren Overboard affair
Document:Beyond Conspiracy TheorypaperFebruary 2010Lance deHaven-Smith"Conspiracy theory"
Deep politics
"National security"
The article posits a new framework for the analysis of Deep political events and Conspiracy Theories. The term SCAD (State crime against democracy) is explained and developed as a way of connecting the dots across multiple suspect events.
Document:Genesis of the Morgenthau Planpaper1986David IrvingMorgenthau Plan
An authoritative account of the genesis of the World War II document that became known as "The Morgenthau Plan"
Document:Power and the Global Ruling Classpaper4 June 2014Bernd HammGlobalisationIn depth structural survey global power, who exercises it and how it is organised
Document:Scientific fraud and the power structure of sciencepaperJune 1992Brian MartinMisrepresentation
Document:Serious Questions about the Integrity of the UN Report on Syriapaper5 October 2013Subrata GhoshroySyrian Chemical Weapons Attack
A detailed and scholarly study of the evidence presented in the UN special report on the use of Chemical weapons in Ghouta, Syria on 21 August 2013 and a similar report by 'Human Rights Watch' based largely on it. It is a damning indictment of the manner in which UN reports on sensitive matters and the entire HRW organisation are effectively suborned to Western geo-political purposes.
Document:Sins of Statecraft - The War on Terror Exposedpaper29 July 2006Brian Bogart"War on Terror"
Cold War
Committee on the Present Danger
Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism
Military-industrial-congressional complex
Document:Suppression of dissent in sciencepaper1999Brian MartinScience
Nuclear power
Water Fluoridation
Document:Terrorism, Transit and Public Safety - Evaluating the Riskspaper16 January 2012Todd Litman"Terrorism"
Road accidents
"It is important for individuals and public officials to take all risks into account and avoid overreacting to transit terrorism risks in ways that increase overall danger." An investigation into the real rather than the perceived risks of public and private transport. Contains some basic points that reveal the purported "terrorist threat" to be vastly exaggerated.
Document:The Moral Decoding of 9-11paper1 February 2013John McMurtry9-11A detailed 'tour-de-force' analysis of the motives, methodologies, organisations and individuals behind 9-11 from a leading moral philosopher and Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. One of the most recommended summaries of what transpired on that epoch-defining day.
Document:The State, the Deep State, and the Wall Street Overworldpaper10 March 2014Peter Dale ScottBank of Credit and Commerce International
Safari Club
Deep state
Deep state/Supranational nature
An recommended and highly referenced overview of the deep state in action centering on the complex milieu of Khashoggi, the BCCI, and the Safari Club.
Document:The use of terrorism to construct world orderpaper10 September 2004Ola TunanderDeep politics
Strategy of tension
Operation Gladio
War on Terror/Purposes
Document:Understanding Jewish Influence 1paper2003Kevin MacDonaldJews
Document:Understanding Jewish Influence 2paperKevin MacDonaldZionism
Document:Understanding Jewish Influence 3paperKevin MacDonald
Document:Unthinking extremism - Radicalising narratives that legitimise surveillancepaper26 October 2015Ben Harbisher"War on Terror"
Global Struggle against Violent Extremism
Mass surveillance
Terrorism Act 2000
Civil Contingencies Secretariat
Civil Contingencies Act 2004
Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre
Fusion Center
File:911 Abnormal Trading.pdfpaper13 April 2010Wing-Keung Wong
Howard E. Thompson
Kweehong Teh
9-11/Insider TradingEvidence of foreknowledge about the 9-11 terrorist attacks in the form of financial trading irregularities
File:A Relative Advantage - Sociology of the San Francisco Bohemian Club.pdfpaper1996Peter PhillipsBohemian Grove
File:Afghanistan - Exit vs Engagement.pdfpaperUnknown2001 Invasion of Afghanistan
"Humanitarian intervention"
File:Attack when the world is not watching.pdfpaper1 May 2015Ruben Durante
Ekaterina Zhuravskaya
Israel/Defense Forces
Palestine conflict
An analysis of the timing of Israeli military attacks on Gaza relative to important breaking news in the US and Europe
File:Awara-Study-Russia-Economy-09.012.2014.pdfpaper1 December 2014Jon HellevigRussiaA study of developments in the Russian economy between 2000 and 2014
File:BBC on the Israel-Palestine conflict.pdfpaper22 February 2013Peter AllenIsraeli–Palestinian conflict
Peter Allen's University of Leicester MA dissertation, analysing the bias of the BBC Newsnight program in its reporting of the Israel/Palesine conflict. Although confined to the Newsnight series, it is a telling commentary on the subliminal official narrative nature of BBC News output and that of the Western Corporate media in general.
File:Cass sunstein conspiracies.pdfpaper15 January 2008Cass Sunstein
Adrian Vermeule
"Conspiracy theory"A classic Official Narrative-type exposition of Conspiracy theory and Conspiracy Theorists with recommendations on how governments should deal with them. It is the principal source of the now widely-used expression "Cognitive Infiltration"
File:FukushimaMortalityInUS.pdfpaperJanuary 2012Joseph J. Mangano
Janette D. Sherman
Fukushima/HealthA peer reviewed study from the John Hopkins University, School of Hygiene and Public Health
File:Global Climate Alarmism and Historical Precedents.pdfpaperSeptember 2013Richard S. LindzenClimate change
History of Science
Authoritative opinion from one of the world's leading climate scientists and IPCC member working on the 1995 and 2001 Assessment reports
File:Glyphosate - Pathway to Modern Diseases.Pdfpaper18 April 2013Anthony Samsel
Stephanie Seneff
GlyphosateAn in depth technical appraisal of the severe adverse effects on human health of the burgeoning use of Monsanto's Roundup, implicating it as a major factor in most of the so-called 'Western diet diseases'.
File:Isenberg Private Military Contractors.pdfpaperJanuary 2009David IsenbergPrivate military company
File:LandGrabsFoodSystem2013.pdfpaperFebruary 2013Sophia MurphyLand grabbing
Food security
File:Living under drones.pdfpaperSeptember 2012International Human Rights and Conflict Resolution ClinicDrone
File:NIST Analyses Brookman.pdfpaper26 March 2010Ronald Brookman9-11/WTC7/Destruction
9-11/WTC Controlled demolition
File:Nano-Thermite.pdfpaper2009Niels Harrit
Jeffrey Farrer
Steven E. Jones
Kevin Ryan
Frank M. Legge
Daniel Farnsworth
Gregg Roberts
James R. Gourley
Bradley R. Larsen
9-11/WTC Controlled demolition evidenceEvidence of explosive residues in dust from the WTC collapse. How did it come to be here? The powers that be have never provided an answer.
File:Owning the Weather.pdfpaperAugust 1996Col Tamzy J. House
James B. Near Jr.
Lt Col William B. Shields
Ronald J. Celentano
David M. Husband
Ann E. Mercer
James E. Pugh
US military
An official document of the US Air Force dealing with research and development of weather modification programs on a 25 year view. Its publication coincided with the start of an upsurge in public awareness and disquiet about 'Chemtrails'
File:ScenariosForTheFuture.pdfpaperMay 2010Global Business Network
Rockefeller Foundation
File:Terrorism & Relative Justice.pdfpaper2007Mark Findlay"Terrorism"
Social change
File:The CIA in Western Europe and the Abuse of Human Rights.pdfpaperOctober 2006Daniele GanserHuman rights
Operation Gladio
A paper addressing assertions from the US State Department that US Field Manual FM30-31B was a Soviet forgery.
File:The Geographical Pivot of History.pdfpaper1 April 1904Halford MackinderGeopolitics
The Great Game
Halford Mackinder's seminal paper on the determining role of global geography on global politics. The concepts and categories it defines have remained a staple of geo-politics for over 100 years and were the root motivations of the allied powers in both 20th century world wars.
File:The Kremlin's Trojan Horses.pdfpaper18 November 2016Alina Polyakova
Marlene Laruelle
Stefan Meister
Neil Barnett
RussiaA cartoonishly over-the-top piece of anti-Russian hysteria from the Atlantic Council.
File:The Military and Halakhah.pdfpaper2006Dov ZakheimTorture
File:The Network of Global Corporate Control.pdfpaper26 October 2011Stefania Vitali
James B. Glattfelder
Stefano Battiston
Corporate power
Network analysis of the structure of global corporate interleaved ownerships and revenues.
File:The Politics of Fear and SCADs.pdfpaperFebruary 2010Kym Thorne
Alexander Kouzmin
Patriot Act
"War on Terror"
United States Department of Homeland Security
File:The Top Ten Connections Between NIST and Nano-Thermites.pdfpaper2 July 2008Kevin RyanNIST
9-11/WTC Controlled demolition
An examination of NIST's connections to the nano-thermite.
File:The Use of Terrorism to Construct World Order.pdfpaper9 September 2004Ola TunanderDeep politics
War on Terror/Purposes
A Paper presented at the Fifth Pan-European International Relations Conference (Panel 28 Geopolitics) Netherlands Congress Centre, The Hague.
File:The physics of high-rise building collapses.pdfpaper24 August 2016Steven E. Jones
Robert Korol
Tony Szamboti
Ted Walte
9-11/WTC Controlled demolitionOn September 11, 2001, the world witnessed the total collapse of three large steel-framed high-rises. Since then, scientists and engineers have been working to understand why and how these unprecedented structural failures occurred.
File:Theorising Truth.pdfpaper2009Rory Ridley-Duff2005 London bombingsAn investigation into the claims broadcast in two documentaries about the London bombings of 7th July 2005:- 7/7 Ripple Effect and the BBC’s Conspiracy Files: 7/7. It concludes that both documentaries construct truth that supports their contrasting political outlook and agenda.
File:Toxicity of Roundup and Roundup-tolerant GM maize.pdfpaper2 August 2012Gilles-Eric Séralini
Emilie Clair
Robin Mesnage
Steeve Gress
Nicolas Defarge
Manuela Malatesta
Didier Hennequin
Joël Spiroux de Vendômois
GM Food Safety
In this study researchers led by Gilles-Eric Seralini from CRIIGEN have found that rats fed on a diet containing NK603 Roundup tolerant GM maize or given water containing Roundup, at levels permitted in drinking water and GM crops in the US, developed cancers faster and died earlier than rats fed on a standard diet. They suffered breast cancer and severe liver and kidney damage.
File:Weaponisation of Mycotoxins.pdfpaperRobert Russell Monteith Paterson
Nelson Lima
File:What Really Caused the ROKS Cheonan Warship Sinking?.pdfpaper20 November 2014Hwang Su Kim
Mauro Caresta
Cheonan sinkingScientific proof that it was not the North Korean military that sank the Cheonan, but a rogue South Korean submarine
Document:The Libyan War, American Power and the Decline of the Petrodollar Systempaper17 April 2011Peter Dale Scott2011 Attacks on Libya
A collection of insights that provide a more realistic explanation of the deep political background to the attacks on Libya.
The Power of UnreasonpaperAugust 2010Jamie Bartlett
Carl Miller
"Conspiracy theory"
A critique and deconstruction of an 'Official Narrative'-type paper on 'Conspiracy Theory' from the 'think-tank' publisher Demos. It includes an exchange of correspondence between its authors and a Wikispooks editor which is continued on the discussion page.

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