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Open Revolt "is the ideological arm of New Resistance.

New Resistance is an international network founded in North America, of National Revolutionaries, Patriotic Socialists, Populist Nationalists, National Bolsheviks, Left-Nationalists, Right-Wing Anti-Capitalists, Eurasianists, Fourth Political Theorists, and non-dogmatic left-wing radicals who advocate a wide-ranging and multi-leveled resistance to neo-liberal economic policies, Anglo-US imperialism and Zionist influence in the media and government. We are a nascent radical movement, a revolutionary nuclei. We look to Europe as the fount of our particular culture while respecting at the same time other nations, cultures and civilizations."[1]


A document sourced from Open Revolt

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Alexander Dugin to the American people on UkraineletterNATO
2014 Ukraine coup
8 March 2014Aleksandr DuginA letter to 'The American people' from senior Russian academic and advisor to President Putin, Alexander Dugin about the Spring 2014 situation in Ukraine and Russia-western relations generally.


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