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Alma materUniversity Rene Descartes, University Pantheon Sorbonne
Member ofMunich Security Conference/Young Leaders

Majed Bamya is Deputy Permanent Observer of the State of Palestine to the United Nations in New York.[1]

Genocide Convention

On 29 December 2023, Majed Bamya posted on X:

South Africa institutes proceedings against the State of Israel before the International Court of Justice under the Genocide Convention and requests provisional measures.[2]
South Africa's 84-page Application instituting Genocide Convention proceedings against Israel[3]

UN speech

On 30 December 2023, Ambassador Majed Bamya spoke at the UN:

"75 years have come and gone, and there is a nation still deprived of its land and of its most fundamental rights. Still occupied, oppressed, killed.
"Our people have outlasted the massacres before and will outlast them again, but those killed will not be brought back to life, those scarred will never truly heal. The impact of the Israeli massacres in Gaza will be felt for decades to come, for the Palestinian people who bear the wounds in their flesh, but also in our region and across the world. And if hope is not restored and freedom does not prevail, no one can predict the next chapter of this tragedy but everyone knows it will be worst.
"As the world welcomes a new year, the massacres in Palestine continue, the injustice continues, the suffering continues. How many Palestinian generations will have to suffer before finally being able to live in freedom and dignity and peace in our ancestral land?
"We want to stop seeing our Nakba grow, and finally be able to see our children grow.[4]


We want to stop seeing our Nakba grow, and finally be able to see our children grow.

On 31 December 2023, Majed Bamya posted the text of his poem Stay on humanising the impact of losing a child, described as "heartbreaking and beautiful in equal measure"[5]:

Long enough for us to rewrite the end
Long enough for the arc of the moral universe to bend
Till I find the chemical equation
That transforms a scream into a smile
To build for you within my arms an isle
Give me one more day
To etch deeper into my memory your eyes
Elsewhere they say time flies
Here we have no time at all
Not even to delay the fall
God's embrace can wait
Why such a rush, oh fate
Please leave him behind
At least to say goodbye
Why can't you change your mind
Leave some angels here away from the sky
I need him by my side
To remind my heart to beat
To reverse this mighty tide
Can't another fill his seat?
And if there are no other souls to claim
And you insist that we should part
And if one has to join your realm
Then let me stop my own heart
Let him live, let him grow
To learn life is not all pain and sorrow
To learn words not wounds
To discover love beyond duty
To write poems inspired by moons
And to surrender...but only to beauty
Let him stay to spell his name
And find his way
Please stay
Tomorrow is another day
The nightmare will eventually end
I will survive if your life is spared
Everything else I can mend
Please stay, I lied, I am scared
I held you close and told you I am here
That you have nothing to fear
But now I know
You are my courage, with you I am brave
And with you gone, there is no one left to save.[6]

UNSCR 2728/24

On 27 March 2024, Majed Bamya posted on X:

"Binding or not binding, that is the question…
"Well it is not a question at all, the answer is obvious. United Nations Security Council Resolution 2728 (2024) is binding and must be implemented.
"Listen to what UN Security Council members said on the matter."[7]

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