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At the beginning, when people started to hang out in front of the restaurant, Alefantis invited everybody in.
Controversial owner of Comet Ping Pong.

James Alefantis is an American chef and restaurateur. He operates the pizzeria Comet Ping Pong and restaurant Buck's Fishing & Camping in Washington, DC. He is, according to GQ in 2012, Nr. 49 out of the 50 most influential people in DC.[1][2]

His goddaughter.
On this, the IG user werkinonmahnightcheese comments: Burying a body?
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British pounds and prescription drugs, jimmycomet comments: Ready for London.


Full article: Pizzagate

In early 2016 a wider circle of people started to explore strange pictures on his Instagram and of people, that were commenting on those and apparently connected to him.[3] There were a lot of photos that do not raise suspicion, but strewn throughout were pictures with little children that many people said do have a certain innuendo when added up. Commercially-controlled media never asked him about the sum of these pictures, or showed them to a wider audience. The only picture that was discussed was that of his goddaughter on the Megan Kelly show (which was after the shootout in his restaurant)[4] - from then on the media started to speak of a "debunked conspiracy".

When asked in front of his restaurant by people, he explained the issue away, and said that people were sick to make such accusations.[5]

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PizzagateImportant conspiracy in the US/2016 Presidential election campaign.


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PizzagateJames AlefantisImportant conspiracy in the US/2016 Presidential election campaign.
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