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The Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies, affiliated with the University of Tel Aviv, according to Edward Herman and Gerry O'Sullivan was the "most important" institute addressing the issue of "terrorism" in Israel in the 1980s.


The center's links to the Israeli government include its head, Major General Aharon Yariv, former director of Israeli intelligence, and editorial board members Brigadier General Aryeh Shalev and Minister of Defense Yitzhak Rabin. Walter Laqueur of CSIS and JINSA is also on the editorial board.'[1]

Herman and O'Sullivan note:

The center sponsors books, monographs, and conferences on a number of subjects, with a strong emphasis on "terrorism". It has provided a base for Dr. Ariel Merari, one of Israel's leading analysts of "terrorism" and coauthor, with Shlomi Elad, of 'The International Dimension of Palestinian Terrorism' (Westview, 1986). [...] The center's 1979 conference on "terrorism" in Tel Aviv attracted an international group, including Brian Jenkins, J. Bowyer Bell, Yonah Alexander, and Robert Kupperman from the United States, Robert Moss and Paul Wilkinson from Great Britain, and Hans Joseph Horchem from West Germany. There was no departure in the published record of the conference from the Western format and identification of terrorists and victims. Its most interesting feature was the fact that twenty-one of the forty-six participants were state officials.[2]


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