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Formed in 2010 in the wake of Arriana Huffington's sale of the popular website to AOL.

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Started: 2010

The Huffington Post Union of Bloggers (Huffpo Club) is a website.


Huffpo Club was launched[By whom?] in 2010 as a non-profit Nevada[1]corporation affiliated with Local 1981 of the National Writers Union in the wake of Arriana Huffington's sale of the popular website to AOL. At that time, bloggers who had freely contributed thousands of articles to Huffpo felt betrayed. In 2011, the bloggers sued the Huffington Post, arguing that they had a right to a portion of the hundreds of millions of dollars paid by AOL Time Warner to purchase the website because their contributions built the Huffington Post into a successful media behemoth. Their case was ultimately lost because the courts ruled that no one forced the bloggers to repeatedly volunteer content with no expectation of being paid. Since then, HPUB ended its affiliation with the NWU but continues to publish high quality news articles, editorials, blogs, interviews and other media on an hourly basis year round. A more recent companion website [2][3]also aggregates under-reported political and geopolitical topics and updates automatically every few hours. Both websites publish or link to original source documents that often challenge conventional wisdom about current affairs. [4][5]Thousands of authors, some of the anonymous, have had their work published or republished at, which is neither leftwing nor alt-right nor does it screen, review or edit content before publication, except in rare cases.[6][7][8][9]

Support for the Occupy Movement, Wikileaks[10]and 9/11 Inquiry

In 2010 HPUB announced that “Writers and bloggers of, past and present, paid and unpaid, satisfied and outraged, come and join us here. We didnt like Huffington Post’s slide to tabloid journalism and we dont approve of the AOL takeover. 9,000 bloggers didn’t spend their time and effort building Huffpo’s content so that the website could be taken over by people with a very different agenda.” “Why the Huffington Post ‘Fired’ Me.” begins with: Last Thursday, I was ‘fired’ as a labor blogger from the Huffington Post by executive business editor Peter Goodman for helping a group of union construction workers disrupt a conference of bankers. (I put fired in quotations marks because I, like the majority of people who blog for the site, was not paid for my contributions.)[11][12]

Loss of Domain, Inc. v. Huffington Post Union of Bloggers / HPUB .ORG Claim Number: FA1202001430293

The initial HPUB website was which was registered on 23 September, 2010. HPUB was organized as a corporation on 15 March 2011. The initial website was launched a month later and HPUB was sued by HPUB eventually lost its domain and has proceeded forth with[13][14]

$2500 Helen Thomas Prize and the Daniel Bruno In-Depth Interview Series

From a press release: Jan. 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- and feature commentary about the Huffington Post and provide thought leaders with a fresh venue free from tabloid and gossip fare. The Helen Thomas Prize for Excellence in Journalism is being offered for the best original, un-published essay on American foreign policy before January 1, 2016. [15]

Offers $25,000 Reward For Proof Of False Flag At Orlando

“Washington’s Blog has previously documented false flag attacks are a usual expression of government to manipulate policy. The Huffington Post Bloggers Club is offering up to $25,000 for hard evidence that the June 12 Orlando massacre was staged.”[16]

The Daniel Bruno Interview Series

“HPUB s a proving ground for poetry, first-drafts of literature and documentaries.  Extensive, in-depth interviews by Daniel Bruno feature thought leaders such as Israel Shamir, Morgan Reynolds, Stella Calloni, Edward Hasbrouck, Peter Gelderloos, Graeme McQueen, Andrew Steele, Thad Beversdorf, Jeffrey A. Tucker, John Whitehead and the “Jet Setting Terrorist” from Washington state. “

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HPUB had about 10,000 Facebook fans as of the last update in 2014[18]but has suffered from downgraded search results and lost social media accounts in the wake of media influence wars.

HPUB Editor Daniel Bruno[19]

Daniel Bruno is an American author[20][21], journalist [22]and inventor from New York City.

In 2007, Daniel Bruno, a Chartered Market Technician, used econometrics to predict a two term Obama presidency from 2008 to 2016.[23]The book emphasized the statistical irrelevance of opinion polls, media events and public perception.

In 2016, while exiled in Argentina, Daniel Bruno rewrote and published, the 1791 Bill of Rights.[24]

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