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Born Hamzah M. Behbehani
Alma mater San Francisco State University, University of California Santa Barbara

Employment.png Owner

In office
2008 - Present
Employer Hamzah Behbehani Economic Consultancy

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In office
1997 - 2004
Employer Gulf Investment Corporation

Employment.png director

In office
1995 - 1996
Employer KuwAm
Also a partner, and named as a principal, along with Wirt Walker and Al Sabah, in lawsuits in which KuwAm engaged.

Employment.png Director

In office
1993 - 1994
Employer Cresvale Limited

Employment.png Private Banker

In office
Employer Merrill Lynch International Bank
Location London,  UK
Preceded by Hamzah Behbehani
Succeeded by Hamzah Behbehani
Middle East Sales

Employment.png Director of Portfolio Management

In office
1986 - 1992
Employer Banque Arabe et Internationale d'Investissments
Multi Currency Fixed Income, Equities and Hybrids

Employment.png Senior Vice President

In office
1982 - 1986
Head of Portfolio Management in 1985. Multi-currency fixed income, equity and hybrids.


He attended school from 1965 to 1975 in Lebanon before attending high school in Fairfax, Virginia. He studied Business Administration in California, gaining an MBA in 1982.


From 1986 to 1992, Behbehani had worked for the UK branch of the Banque Arabe et Internationale d'Investissments (BAII), one of the Arab-Western partnership banks started in the 1970's. He then spent three years with investment companies in London, before joining KuwAm.[1]

Behbehani left KuwAm to become Senior Vice President at Gulf Investment Corporation (GIC), where he remained until 2004. GIC’s 2002 annual report lists Behbehani as “Head of Marketing.”[18] From 2004 to 2008, Behbehani was Executive Vice President at Kuwaiti Finance Investment Company (KFIC).[1]

"The relationship between the Kuwaiti firms that Behbehani worked for, the Al Sabah family, and the prime BCCI funding vehicle — the Kuwaiti International Finance Company (KIFCO) — remains to be revealed. However, the U.S Senate investigation did turn up a clue. The IZ Company for Exchange, indicted by the Senate committee, was run by one Subhash Sgar, who was also a director of the Al-Sabah General Electrical company. The Senate Committee reported that, “Concerning BCCI’s banking arm in Kuwait, the Kuwait International Finance Company (KIFCO), Price Waterhouse found that placements recorded by BCCI with KIFCO were inconsistent with Kifco’s financial statements regarding the same transactions. Price Waterhouse noted that the principal mechanism for repaying Kifco’s loans from BCCI was a mysterious Kuwaiti entity called “the IZ company for Exchange,” and that “we now have suspicions as to the propriety of the transactions.”"[19][1]