Banque Arabe et Internationale d'Investissments

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A partner in crime with the better known BCCI.

BAII was “heavily involved in the oil trade; it finances oil imports and the export of capital goods and equipment for the refining and petrochemical industries.”[1] Peter Truell and Larry Gurwin note that BAII was also intimately associated with the BCCI.[2] “Run by a board member of BCCI, Yves Lamarche, BAII had played a critical role in some of BCCI’s dubious schemes, lending $50 million to help finance the takeover of First American and also providing funds to allow [Ghaith] Pharaon to buy Independence Bank in Los Angeles.KuwAm director Behbehani worked for BCCI's partner BAII from the time Pharaon purchased Independence Bank and throughout the time that the financial crimes, in which these banks engaged, came to a crescendo."Ghaith] Pharaon


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Hamzah BehbehaniDirector of Portfolio Management19861992Multi Currency Fixed Income, Equities and Hybrids


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