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Leader ofGuyana
President of Guyana

After 1980, the office of president has gone from a ceremonial function to being the county's head of government. Thus, when Cheddi Jagan was toppled in two regime changes in 1953 and 1964, he was Premier of British Guiana and Chief Minister of British Guiana. When he finally was elected President in 1992, it was to a position as head of government.


When Guyana was declared a republic in 1970 the president was elected by the National Assembly for a five-year term and possessed largely ceremonial powers. Arthur Chung was the only person to hold the office under those legal provisions. After a 1980 referendum the constitution was amended to make the presidency an executive post (i.e. the office holder would be both the country's head of state and its head of government) and the office became known as the executive president. Forbes Burnham was the first person to become president following these changes.


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