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(soldier, businessman, athlete)
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Alma materCathays High School Cardiff, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Joint Staff College Greenwich
Member ofInstitute for Statecraft
Interests • Ukraine
• Latvia
• “national security”
37 year military career. Institute for Statecraft senior fellow. "His key work in the last twenty years has been delivering reform and change for defence and security organisations in Europe."

Lieutenant Colonel Glen Grant was listed as a Senior Associate Fellow of the Institute for Statecraft, with a speciality of "Defence Reform; Ukraine" when they took down their website.[1] He is listed as an "Expert on National Security and Defense of Ukraine". He set a Welsh national record at 1500m running. He "regularly moderates international conferences covering a wide range of subjects from the recent EU GDPR changes to business, health, and IT Security and even Rehabilitation of Sex Offenders."[2]


His key work in the last twenty years has been delivering reform and change for defence and security organisations in Europe...

During his 37 year military career Glen commanded the UK Military Prison and an Artillery battery of 8 tracked guns. He worked on the operational and policy staffs in 1st British Corps Headquarters, the Army Headquarters, the UK Ministry of Defence, the NATO Air Headquarters Combined Air Operations Centre 5 in Italy and on the staffs of four Brigade headquarters. This work involved him supporting many UK operations including Northern Ireland, both Gulf wars, Bosnia and Kosovo.

Glen ended his career as UK Defence Attaché to Finland followed by tours with Latvia and Estonia. During this time he was an adviser to President Meri in Estonia on issues of joining NATO. He resigned from the Army in 2006 as a Lieutenant Colonel and became an adviser to the Defence Minister Jyrgen Ligi in Estonia.[3]


Glen Grant's Linkedin profile reports that "I was a founder member of the SCP political party in Latvia. I ran the Defence and Security Working group and sat on other working groups such as governance, education and Riga municipality. I worked primarily as a management helper to assist with policy making."[4]