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Concept.png Gaza floating pier 

The Gaza floating pier is a floating dock facility that was proposed by the US Biden Administration immediately before the 2024 State of the Union Address. It is a response to the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, including a famine, as a result of the Israel–Hamas war.

It would be constructed by US military forces on ships offshore the Gaza Strip, then connected with the shore by causeway, and when complete would enable delivery of maritime cargo for humanitarian assistance to Gaza. The pier was announced by President Biden in the State of the Union Address on 7 March 2024.

Warning to Israel

President Biden warned Israel that it "must also do its part."

"To the leadership of Israel I say this," he said. "Humanitarian assistance cannot be a secondary consideration or a bargaining chip. Protecting and saving innocent lives has to be a priority."[1]

Transparent pretext

WSWS said:

"The claim that the construction of the floating pier is motivated by humanitarian concerns is a transparent pretext.
"The entire population of Gaza could be fed within a matter of days if not for Israel’s blockade of food into the besieged enclave. While US officials declare that Israel should “do more” to allow food into Gaza, the US is enabling Israel’s genocidal policy of starving the Palestinian people by continuing to surge weapons and funding to Israel.[2]

Previously proposed

The Oslo Accords, the agreement signed by Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organisation in the 1990s, promised Gaza a seaport, as well as an international airport.[3] The latter was established but only operated for three years before it was destroyed in 2002.

Chris Doyle, director at the Council for Arab-British Understanding, said that in 2000 works began for a port in Gaza:

"Works started in 2000 but Israel blocked supply of materials within months, paralysing the construction. Israel destroyed what had been started. Israel did pledge to allow rebuilding in 2005 but this did not proceed," Doyle wrote on social media site X.[4]

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