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Concept.png Drug cartel 
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A large business entity in the illegal drug trade

Not to be confused with Big Pharma which trades in legal drugs.

The Cartels Do Not Exist

The US/Mexican professor Oswaldo Zavala has studied Mexican drug cartels and concludes in his book Los Cárteles No Existen (The Cartels Do Not Exist):

"The common perception we have of them, and especially after a Netflix series like Narcos, is that the country is in the hands of traffickers, that these cartels are very powerful, that they have grown in such an excessive way that they handle significant arsenals of destructive capacity and that they may even exceed or challenge the power of the state. And as they grow, some cartels fight against others". According to Zavala, many journalists "have accepted this in an uncritical way."[1]

"Of course there is drug trafficking and traffickers, but what does not exist, what is not real, are the cartels as a national security threat, that these cartels can take control of entire territories, that they can remove and put governors, that they have money in the presidencies, like all the fantasies that we have heard in the trial of 'El Chapo'.[1] The cartels were largely under the control of the military.[2]

The CIA's involvement in the cocaine trafficking in Mexico is extensive. Peter Dale Scott has documented how the CIA used cocaine and traffickers for part of its anti-communist project in the region. This without taking into account other issues such as the way in which Mexican drug traffickers laundered money in US banks.[1]



Page nameDescription
Cali cartelBroke away from Pablo Escobar and the Medellín cartel. Reportedly dominated cocaine traffic in the mid 1990s
Juarez cartel
Medellín drug cartelA notoriously ruthless, now defunct drug cartel that shipped cocaine by the ton.
Sinaloa cartelLarge Mexican drug cartel, possibly working with the agreement of US deep state


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