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Interests • fascism
• Third Reich
• Underground Third Reich
• Red House meeting

David Emory is a political researcher and broadcaster whose California-based radio programs are heard on a regular basis in the United States, Canada and Europe.

Emory’s broadcasts focus on the U.S. military and intelligence community’s historical involvement with international fascism. Researching such national security establishment abuses as domestic and foreign political assassinations, and governmental complicity with organized crime and drug smuggling syndicates, Emory has distilled his academic research into an archival documentary format. These “archive” programs consist of excerpts from printed sources read during his broadcasts[1].

Emory began his work during the Watergate era when he noted numerous connections between that scandal and the assassination of President Kennedy. Pursuing his work on the JFK assassination, Mr. Emory discovered Nazi General Reinhard Gehlen’s Eastern front spy apparatus, and its incorporation into the CIA after World War II. This led Emory to study the origins of fascism and its influence on the contemporary world.