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Interests“Continuity of Government”, pandemics, irregular warfare

CENTRA Technologies is, among other functions, a cutout company for the CIA, arranging conferences, meetings, games and analysis. "When you see CENTRA, it is likely to be CIA or Office of the Director of National Intelligence. They do feel that for some academics, a thin cover is useful."[1]


Established in 1997, CENTRA has received $200 million in governments contracts. Its executive rank teems with former intelligence officials. "Anybody who works with CENTRA knows they're in effect working for the U.S. government"[2]

Over 50 percent of their staff holds advanced degrees. Their employees boast service in all branches of the US military, as well as work experience in the national security agencies of the US Government, academia, and industry.[3]

Select Activities

By supporting effective Continuity of Operations / Continuity of Government (COOP/COG) programs and devolution planning,their Certified Professional Continuity Practitioners help ensure their customers are prepared to carry out their essential tasks in the face of all hazards, including extreme weather events, acts of terrorism, pandemics, and a wide range of other crises.[4]

CENTRA provides extensive operational support to Department of Defence clients, including “down range” in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to international coalition partners. CENTRA’s professionals provide full-spectrum Train, Equip, Advise, and Assist services and assistance implementing technical advisory and training programs with foreign partners. CENTRA also has provided 24 x 7 national-level operations center support to activities worldwide.[5]

CENTRA has extensive experience in irregular warfare support, including forward deployed locations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, and South America. [6]

CENTRA is experienced at designing and running games for both US Government and commercial clients. Our exercises range from half-day table top exercises with fewer than 20 participants to complex multi-day path games that feature more than 100 players engaged in move-on-move team exercises.CENTRA reports on past US Government-sponsored games and exercises have been briefed to high-level policymakers years after the event.[7]