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Employment.png Austria/Minister/Defence
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Defence Minister Karl Lütgendorf may have been part of the Austrian stay behind, and involved in black market arms dealings that broadly became known as Iran Contra. He is remembered because of the mysterious circumstances of his death in a suicide.

The Minister of Defence of Austria

The Austrian Minister of Defence leads the Federal Ministry of Defence, the ministry in charge of all matters relating to military affairs, especially the Austrian Armed Forces.


Specifically, the Ministry[1] is responsible for matters regarding:

  • the armed forces' constitutionally-defined duties
  • the armed forces' operational and tactical leadership
  • military aviation
  • the provision of arms, equipment, materiel and personnel to the armed forces
  • weapons, ammunition and munitions
  • military technology, including weapons testing and military-technical research
  • military restricted areas
  • care of the armed forces' health, including military hospitals and supply of medicines
  • military attachés
  • the establishment, maintenance and management of all military buildings, facilities and properties owned by the state, the ministry building, the military administration or the army, including the Military History Museum, known as the Heeresgeschichtlichen Museum
  • shipping, road transport, telecommunications and mapping in the military field
  • the running of the Military History Museum, known as the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum (Militärhistorisches Institut).
  • the armed forces' finances
  • the army forest at Allentsteig
  • management of Austria's shares in the SIVBEG (Strategische Immobilien Verwertungs-, Beratungs- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft) as long as the federal government is a shareholder, and the regulation of that company.
  • the European Defence Agency


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  1. Appendix to § 2, Section H of the Federal Ministries Act 1986 as amended