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(researcher, author)
Born Alan Jules Weberman
May 26, 1945
Interests JFK Assassination
Coauthored an important book on the JFK Assassination.

Alan J. Weberman is an American writer, political activist, gadfly, and popularizer of the terms garbology and "Dylanology". He co-authored an influential 1975 book, Coup D’Etat In America on the JFK Assassination.

JFK Assassination

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In 1975, together with Michael Canfield he published Coup D’Etat In America: The CIA and the Assassination of JFK. This suggests that the CIA used the exiled Cuban community and their resentment after the Bay of Pigs to organise the assassination of JFK.[1] According to Weberman and Canfield, the CIA planned the assassination of Kennedy because he had agreed to stop the Cuban exiles' anti-Castro operations.[2] Among the book's contentions are that Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy and that two of the "three tramps" photographed by several Dallas-area newspapers under police escort near the Texas School Book Depository shortly after the assassination Kennedy were Watergate burglars E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis.[2]

Coup D’Etat In America was an influential book and reported to have moved House of Representatives member Henry B. Gonzalez to initiate a resolution that would result in the formation of the House Select Committee on Assassinations.[1]

Watergate coup

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Believed that Dorothy Hunt was murdered.[3]


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