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PredecessorNorwegian Aviation Accident Commission
Responsible for investigating transport-related accidents within Norway, where the 1982 Mehamn Accident is one of them.

The Accident Investigation Board Norway (AIBN; Statens havarikommisjon, SHK) is a government agency which is responsible for investigating transport-related accidents within Norway. Specifically, it investigates aviation accidents and incidents, rail accidents, maritime accidents and select traffic accidents. All investigations aim to find underlying causes and to improve safety; criminal investigation is not part of AIBN's mandate. Subordinate to the Ministry of Transport, the agency is located on the premises of Kjeller Airport in Skedsmo.

Traditionally marine accidents were investigated Institute of Maritime Enquiry, which mixed safety investigation, criminal and civil liability into a combined investigation. Aviation accidents and major rail accidents were investigated by ad hoc commissions. The Accident Investigation Board for Civil Aviation was established as a permanent organization on 1 January 1989, originally based at Oslo Airport, Fornebu. From 2002 it also took over investigating rail accidents, road accidents were included in 2005 and finally marine accidents from 2008.

  • Notable cover-ups include the 1982 Mehamn Accident, where a British warplane caused a Norwegian passenger plane to crash, killing all aboard. Four rounds of investigations later, each after exposure of facts tried hidden tried in the last investigation, the conclusion is still officially an unrelated accident.