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Concept.png Security 
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Interest ofEvren Balta
The modern interpretation involves control technology, while a more traditional interpretation involved relationships.

Security, the concept of remaining safe, is an example of a traditional value which has undergone a shift in meaning in recent years. In an exploration of the societal impact of the changing meaning of the word "security", Robin Upton highlighted the zero-sum nature of the modern usage when he wrote in June 2010 that “the more effort is spent on security, the less secure everyone gets.” [1]

National security

Full article: Rated 4/5 “National security”

The phrase "national security" is used de facto as a legal "stay out of jail free" for government officials, for example in court cases when the usual laws of the land would have them jailed and/or embarrassing secrets revealed. There are laws to prevent its abuse by corrupt officials using it to cover wrongdoing, but they are routinely flouted by people who cite the "national security" exception. A very common use of this doctrine is to prevent disclosure of a government's actions to its own people.


Related Quotation

Enemy image“The events of 9/11, we were told, changed everything. The globe was now divided between the forces of good and evil. Bush communicated this quite clearly in an address to the nation just days after 9/11: “Our responsibility to history is already clear: to answer these attacks and rid the world of evil.””Danny Sjursen25 October 2017