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Group.png Security Service of Ukraine  
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PredecessorCommittee for State Security (Ukraine)

The Security Service of Ukraine, or SBU, is the law enforcement authority and main intelligence and security agency of the Ukrainian government, in the areas of counter-intelligence activity and combating terrorism. The Constitution of Ukraine defines the SBU as a military formation, and its staff are considered military personnel with ranks. It is subordinated directly under the authority of the President of Ukraine. The SBU also operates its own special forces unit, the Alpha Group.[1]


The SBU is the successor of the Ukrainian branch of the Soviet KGB, created after the Declaration of Independence of Ukraine in 1991. The agency was negatively seen by the Ukrainian public, as they were widely regarded as corrupt and were for conducting arrests and intimidations of political dissidents. After the Revolution of Dignity, the SBU went through a restructuring with the transition to the new government, as the agency was rife with corruption and infiltration by the Russian intelligence services.

The SBU has since been involved in operations against Russia and pro-Russian separatists in Donbas after the start of the War in Donbas and the wider Russo-Ukrainian War.

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A SBU victim on Wikispooks

Denis KirejewUkrainian negotiator in early peace talks, shot for allegedly having shown pro-Russian tendencies.
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