Manfred Wörner

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Person.png Manfred Wörner  
Born Manfred Hermann Wörner
Stuttgart, Germany
Died 1994-08-13 (Age 59)
Brussels, Belgium
Nationality German
Alma mater University of Heidelberg, University of Paris, University of Munich
Religion Protestant
Spouse Anna-Maria Casar
Party Christian Democratic Union (CDU)
Ex Secretary General of NATO.

Flag of NATO.svg Secretary General of NATO Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
July 1, 1988 - August 13, 1994
Deputy Amedeo de Franchis, Sergio Balanzino
Preceded by Peter Carrington
Succeeded by Sergio Balanzino

Employment.png German Minister of Defence

In office
4 October 1982 - 18 May 1988

Employment.png Federal Ministry of Defence (Germany)

In office
4 October 1982 - 18 May 1988

Manfred Wörner was a Bilderberg attendee, attending for several years, including 1982, 1991, 1993 and probably several years in between. He became Secretary General of NATO on July 1, 1988.[1][2]  

Events Participated in

Bilderberg/198214 May 1982 - 16 May 1982Sandefjord
Rica Park Hotel
Bilderberg/198510 May 1985 - 12 May 1985Arrowwood of Westchester
Rye Brook
New York
Bilderberg/199010 May 1990 - 13 May 1990Glen Cove
New York
Bilderberg/19916 June 1991 - 9 June 1991Steigenberger Hotel Badischer Hof
Bilderberg/199221 May 1992 - 24 May 1992Royal Club Evian
Bilderberg/199322 April 1993 - 25 April 1993Nafsika Astir Palace Hotel


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