Hans Langemann

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Person.png Hans Langemann  Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
(spook, lawyer, whistleblower)
Died2004 (Age 79)
ExposedLangemann Papers
Member ofThe Stauffenberg Service
Senior German intelligence agent who revealed the activities of Le Cercle.


Hans Langemann grew up in Westphalia. He was sent to the east front in 1943 as a junior officer, where he suffered a head injury in July 1944 and landed up in prison, where he was let out in 1945. He worked for the British as a translator from 1948. He studied law from 1949 in Münster and later Bonn.


In November 1957, he was working for the Bundesnachrichtendienst in Pullach. When the President of the BND, Reinhard Gehlen, retired in 1968, Langemann was sent to the embassy in Rome.

In 1972, he was an advisor of the Munich Olympic Committee.

Langemann Papers

Full article: Langemann Papers

Langemann was arrested on 26 March, 1982 and charged with leaking confidential information about BND Operation Eva to the German magazine Konkret. This business became known as the Langmann Affair, and the leader documents as the Langmann Papers. These revealed, amongst other things, the extent to which clandestine group Le Cercle was involved in subverting the democratic process in Britain. The affair was not significantly reported in UK commercially-controlled media.

On 9 Novermber, 1984, Langemann was sentenced to 9 months imprisonment. The sentencing took in consideration the medical evidence that he had been suffering from mental problems such as moodswings, depression and amnesia.


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