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FormationFebruary 2018
Membership• Dennis Carrol
• Peter Daszak
• Jonna Mazet
• Nathan Wolfe

The Global Virome Project (GVP) is an American-led international collaborative research initiative based in Davis, California. It was launched by a few particularly notable individuals including Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance, Edward Rubin and Nathan Wolfe of Metabiota, and George Gao of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.[1]

It disappeared suddenly in 2021.[2]


The first meeting of the GVP’s steering committee took place in Beijing in January 2017.[2]

“The seeds of the [Global Virome] project were sown between 2009 and 2019, when the US government funded a big push into virus hunting in wildlife in tropical regions through a programme called PREDICT. When this funding came to an end, the main players got together to seek private and charitable funding to continue the work. These included, from government, Dennis Carrol, director of the Emerging Pandemic Threats Division within the United States Agency for International Development; from academia, Jonna Mazet of the University of California at Davis, who had been director of the PREDICT project; from the non-profit world, Peter Daszak, head of the EcoHealth Alliance, who became treasurer of the new project; and from the private sector, Nathan Wolfe, founder of the DNA database firm Metabiota.”
Matt Ridley,  Prasenjit Ray (22 April 2022)  [3]



“Today, its website is an online zombie. In the greatest pandemic in a century, caused by exactly the sort of novel emerging virus it was designed to predict and prevent, it lists just three publications on its website, one of which is a dead link and the others four and six-years-old. Its “in the news” page lists no article after April 2021.” [4]

“For some reason, professional journalists have shown little appetite for investigating the GVP since the pandemic began, arguing that it was still just an idea, not yet in operation, which is true outside China.”
Matt Ridley,  Prasenjit Ray (22 April 2022)  [3]


Known Participants

2 of the 4 of the participants already have pages here:

Peter DaszakA "completely discredited, conflict-plagued", "longtime partner" of Zhengli Shi, moved US money to the WIV to weaponise bat coronaviruses but didn't mention this in the influential joint statement he secretly got published in The Lancet to promote the "lone bat" theory. Later "investigated" COVID-19's origins.
Nathan WolfeFounder of biological research company Metabiota, wich operates biological laboratories in Ukraine, with money from the Pentagon and Hunter Biden. Friend of Jeffrey Epstein. WEF Young Global Leader 2010.
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