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Concept.png Fluorine 
(chemical element,  poison)Rdf-icon.png

Fluorine is a highly reactive chemical element. Its ions are referred to as fluorides and do occur as part of the earth's crust.

Water fluoridation

Full article: Water/Fluoridation
Sodium fluoride.png

After uranium hexafluoride was used to enrich uranium, fluorides began to be added to drinking water, reportedly in a bid to tackle tooth decay.


Related Quotation

Autism“Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) rates around the world are skyrocketing for unknown reasons. Parents have fingered vaccines but studies have failed to confirm a link. Concurrently, aluminum, from vaccine adjuvants, has been found actively transported to the brains of animals inciting inflammation. Fluoride has been implicated in children’s brain dysfunction, and, fluoride has been shown to potentiate aluminum toxicity. No vaccine study to date has controlled for a practice widespread around the world – water fluoridation. Autism is more prevalent in United States cities that fluoridate their water supplies, and less prevalent in rural non-fluoridated areas even with high vaccination rates.”Robert Jay RowenFebruary 2017


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