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Details of an exchange in the comments section of an article on the World Socialist Web Site between the author and a regular WSWS commentator which was quickly removed by the site operators. It illustrates the blinkered censorious nature of activists committed to both 'Left' and 'Right' - in this case the 'Left'.

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png article  by User:Peter dated 5 March 2017
Subjects: Political Spectrum, Nazism, Bolsheviks, Russia, Vladimir Putin, Hitler, Anglo-US-NATO, Fascism
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In early January 2017 at the start of the media furor about alleged Russian ‘hacking’ of the US presidential election, I came across a useful article on the World Socialist Web Site about the escalating confrontation between Anglo-US-NATO and Russia. [1] I replied to one of the article comments as follows:

“The claim that Russia is engaged in a de-facto war against the EU stands reality on its head.”

Indeed it does. But there is a long history of reality being stood on its head and later becoming the received historical wisdom to which the entire political spectrum clings — WWII is the preeminent example. Despite all their contrived, latter day disagreements, Both Russia and Anglo-US-NATO are in solid agreement that NSDAP Germany still represents the gold-standard in political/military evil and both have rhetorical recourse to it with wearisome regularity.

Today’s playbook it turns out, is eerily similar. After the contrived 10 year disaster visited on Russia following the equally contrived collapse of the old Soviet Union, Russia aspires to being treated as an equal among UN nations (an aspiration assuredly justified by its UNSC Permanent member status) and has special concerns for ethnic Russians in what have become, by fair means and foul, foreign countries on Russia’s own borders. Uncomfortable though it may be for President Putin, the situation surrounding the plight of Sudetan, Silesian and Alcace Germans post Versailles is analogous to the treatment of ethnic Russians in the Baltic states, Georgia, Ukraine and the Crimean peninsular. Anglo-US-NATO can therefore be expected to behave in exactly the same way as its Jewish financed grandfathers did in the years leading to WWII, but with Vladimir Putin cast in the role of Adolf Hitler.

Our biggest problem bar-none is that the Western Left show no sign whatever of revisiting this preeminent precursor of today’s manufactured ‘Fake News’ reality pantomime. The result could well end up being similarly catastrophic.

User TJ McG replied as follows:

Socialists will never recast the war guilt and imperialism of Nazi Germany as a just or necessary cause.

There is also a long-standing and proud heritage of opposition in the socialist movement to anti-semitism and racial nationalism.

For someone who pictures “Jewish financed” leaders among the allies of WW2, you must know that the Socialist movement counts among its greatest historical leaders countless men and women of Jewish ancestry, including Marx and Trotsky.

Trying to turn the world upside down yourself?

It was an impressive example of precisely the point I had endeavoured to make. In spite of the dismissive put down in TJ McG’s last sentence, I replied to say so and to elaborate a little further. My expectation was to engage in a scholarly and possibly robust exchange but that is not the way it turned out. My reply was displayed for about an hour, before the entire exchange disappeared with no explanation. I had not saved a copy but the following approximates to it:



It is the dogmas associated with “ and proud heritage” that are precisely the problem.

Many Jews do indeed occupy hallowed status in the annals of the modern Left but, as is the case at the other end of our contrived and tired political spectrum, there are some ghastly skeletons in their respective cupboards which must not be discussed for fear of sullying the reputations of ‘great historical leaders’. Churchill, Stalin, Roosevelt GOOD — to varying degrees from Left to Right; Hitler BAD — actually pure EVIL — agreed by everyone, with occupied Germany his most fanatical, fawning and confused accuser.

On the Right it is the mobilisation of Jewish power/finance against the NSDAP from its inception — “Judea declares war on Germany” as a March 1933 ‘Daily Express’ headline proclaimed it.

On the Left it is the wanton slaughter of millions of Russians by the Jewish dominated Bolsheviks.

Through his rise to power, Hitler was steeped in these matters and was especially fearful of Bolshevik Russia. None of it endeared him to his rebellious Jewish population and he treated with European Jewry accordingly.

All of these demonstrable historical facts are ruthlessly suppressed in both Russia and the West; both require that the ‘victor’s history’ of WWII — with minor partisan adjustments — be accepted as sacrosanct. To do otherwise publicly is to invite serious adverse consequences.

Of course I realise that this is pure heresy to both Left and Right but — per heliocentrism for example — history demonstrates that heresy is often necessary for truth to find the light of day — “even though it takes a long long way”, as an old German aphorism has it.

If humanity is to have any hope of avoiding another world war — a war with life destroying potential greater than the sum of all historical wars to date — then the pursuit of historical truth, free from the doctrinaire straight-jackets illustrated by TJ McG above on the so-called “Left” — and his no less blinkered contemporaries on the so-called ‘Right’ —becomes an urgent necessity. This especially applies to the asinine but ruthlessly imposed ‘victors histories’ of both world wars.