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Concept.png Anarchism 
(ideology,  libertySourcewatchRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Interest of• Caryn Ann Harlos
• Peter Kropotkin

Anarchism is the belief that rejects laws imposed by power hierarchies; that natural laws (as in the law of gravity) suffice as a stable foundation for society.





Page nameDescription
Mikhail Bakunin
David GraeberAnarchist anthropologist who played a leading role in the Occupy movement. Died suddenly in 2020.
Jeremy HammondUS hacker who was convicted to 10 years jail for hacking Stratfor and passing some of their data to Wikileaks. It soon was revealed he had been given the information necessary for the hack from an FBI informant.
Caitlin JohnstoneAustralian deep state aware activist anarchist
Carne RossA UK diplomat turned dissident. In a 2010 piece the UK Observer he charged the UK 'deep state' with hiding evidence from the Chilcot inquiry.
Peter Lamborn Wilson
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