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Various ideas are under consideration for the development of Wikispooks, though the core software (Mediawiki & Semantic Mediawiki) is fixed. For bug reporting, see Wikispooks:Site_Status.


A UX plan could be helpful.


Wikispooks may expand its use of these both for clarity of reading URLs and to facilitate the upgrade of future software.

  • Allows programmatic detection of the correct form for creation of new pages
  • Allows more precise modification and updates through namespace-specific filtering e.g. Special:ReplaceText
  • Assists in disambiguation between similarly named pages of different types


  • Doesn't follow the Wikipedia Standard
  • Longer, less flexible pagenames


New Extensions of Interest

The following Mediawiki extensions are under consideration for use on Wikispooks. If you have any comments or relevant experience with them, please contribute it on the talk page.

Unused Extensions

The Wikispooks code base has (or may have) some extensions installed which have been obsoleted by other software modifications. These may be removed in time to facilitate stability and speed of the codebase

See Also

Future Plans

These are tentative and pending the involvement of sufficiently skilled editors.

OpenLayers Integration

An open-source equivalent of Google Mape, OpenLayers is an open source JavaScript kit for display map tiles.


A formal ontology may be useful in helping other websites use the semantic data compiled here.

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