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The Idea Is...

To use this as a way to help standardise our assessment of/relationships to Wikipedia pages. A taxonomy of Wikipedia Problems would help. In the meantime, feel free to adjust this template e.g. by adding extra reasons, or modifying the reason text. I feel like leaving the option to use custom text is a good choice, but the aim is to categorise the problems. Maybe later add fancy icons etc. to help regular readers.

Robin 16:44, 10 April 2012 (IST)

I like the finished effect, eg here! Toolbox 09:49, 6 June 2012 (IST)


I just added icons, which feels right to me, giving regular readers a quick fix on what the problem is, like Wikipedia itself. We might want to look there for inspiration. Actually, I'm wondering about a Wikipedia+ upgrade/bespoke Wikispooks addon, to pop up a little warning like this at the top of Wikipedia pages. Robin 03:08, 8 June 2012 (IST)