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This template is for individual images worthy of appearing in the 'related documents' section created by Template:SMWDocs.
The optional sections will allow it to be picked up by Template:SMWDocs.

Blue parameters are for a single Wikispooks page name (If no suitable page exists, then pick a title for a future page)
Brown parameters are for numbers
Green parameters are for comma-separated lists of page names (Or planned page names).
Navy parameters are for dates
Orange parameters are for booleans. (Usually, either "Yes" or just leave blank).
Purple parameters are URLs.
Violet parameters are slash-separated lists.
Pink parameters are for coordinates.
Crossed out parameters were formerly available, but have been upgraded. Some may still work, but do not use these.

|title= section title (Property:Has caption)
|date= section date (Property:Has publicationDate)
|text= description of image. May include links. (Property:Description2)

Optional Parameters:
|authors= Comma separated list of authors. For pseudonyms, use single quotes. (Property:Has author)
|constitutes= suitable descriptions of this image (e.g. "Propaganda") (Property:Constitutes)
|source_name=General name of the source, e.g. "Unwelcome Guests", "Cryptome", ... (Property:Sourced from) |source_URL=URL of the source, if it is available online |source_detail=Specific details, e.g. "#675", "vol. 3, chapter 20", "pp.212-213"... (Do not use this for ISBN numbers, use '|ISBN' for that) |subjects= what this image is about (Property:Is about)